I know Im selfish for not breastfeeding my baby but I dont want saggy boobs

A mum admitted she's selfishly chosen not to breastfeed her baby because she doesn't want "saggy breasts", "messed-up nipples" or "no sleep".

The new mum posted on Reddit saying she wasn’t willing to "restrict" herself anymore following nine months of pregnancy.

She claims using formula milk has "worked out perfectly" for her and her husband, and hasn't impacted the way she looks.

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The woman, who posted anonymously, said: "I chose not to breastfeed for selfish reasons.

"I didn’t want f**ked up nipples or saggy and weird-looking breasts. I didn’t want to deal with the mental toll of breastfeeding either.

"I wanted to be able to sleep more. I wanted to drink and eat whatever I want, have time to workout and have my husband help with feedings as well.

"There’s a long list of things you can’t do while breastfeeding, and I wasn’t willing to do that after already being restricted for nine months."

She also said her sister-in-law gets free formula milk from the government every month, so she is able to bag "20 cans" from her stash.

"One of the brands she gets sent is a bunch of Similac cans every month even though she uses a completely different brand of formula for her babies," the woman added.

"So she gives us like 20 something Similac cans every month. Worked out perfectly for us."

Many people were quick to defend the mum, as they seemed to think the most important thing is she makes sure the baby is fed.

As long as everyone is happy and healthy, social media users said it's completely down to personal choice whether to breastfeed or not.

One said: "Babe – if what you're doing is keeping you a functional, semi content person – you're doing the right thing.

"It will help keep you at your best for your family and yourself.

"As long as everyone is healthy, that's what matters."

Another added: "You're doing a great job as a mum.

"My lactation consultant said to me, 'the most important thing is the bond between you and your babies' (I have twins).

"If breastfeeding isn't working out for you it's fine as long as they are fed. They will be fine."


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