Influencer takes photos seconds apart to show difference posing makes

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A influencer has taken to Instagram to show her followers the difference that camera angles, lighting and posing can make.

Britney Vest – known as fittybritttty on Instagram – shared two pictures to her feed.

One had 'flattering' lighting and she was posed in front of a swimming pool.

The second is of her facing the pool highlighting the skin texture on the back of her legs.

Underneath the picture she wrote: "The difference angles, lighting, and posing makes! SWIPE! And read the caption to the end!! I shared this on my stories the other day and SO many of you found this to be a helpful reminder so I figured I’d share it on the feed too!

"I was going through photos to edit (by edit I just mean colour edit — I absolutely never edit my body) and I was reminded of how different you can look one second apart. Yup these were taken within SECONDS of each other!

"The first photo I posted is a super flattering photo of myself in a bikini… the lighting is even (except for my face) and is good which is making my skin look blurred/flawless. I’m crossing one leg in front of the other and it’s also slightly lifted and I have my hands strategically placed at my waist lightly pulling up my bottoms to highlight and draw attention to my waist.

"And then in the second photo I posted, I am turned around, less posed, and more in the moment, and the light was completely different, which highlights my cellulite on my legs and my little back rolls. This personally, doesn’t bother me at all but it’s just the reality of our bodies!

"I personally LOVE both photos for different reasons because I’ve worked really hard to reach a place of body neutrality and I don’t see parts of my body as good vs bad — I see it as this is my body. This is what I’m working with and I’m not going to hate myself over it.

"I’m not going to lose out on experiences because of what my body looks like.

"What someone decides to post on IG or any social media is just ONE side of things! And of course, everyone has the right to post what they want and what makes you feel your best, etc!

"But just as a reminder when you see the perfectly posed photo, like the first one I posted.. there are also other photos like the second one I posted that exist too! "

Her comments section was flooded with positive responses.

One person said: "I love this and the message. you’re right both are beautiful and it’s something I need to remind myself when I look at my own photos."

A second commented: "GORGEOUS! Such an awesome message. Thanks for sharing!"

Whilst a third said: "Finally someone with my body type and I hate my legs so much thank you for this!!"

A forth said: "Love your attitude, love your perspective and love that you are an inspiration to many of us to doubt our selves and/our bodies! Keep doing what you’re doing."

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