Kate Middleton’s handwriting indicates ‘increasing desire for privacy in her life’

Kate Middleton reveals one of her '5 big insights' following survey

Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, also 38, have been married for nine years. The Duke and Duchess are working members of the Royal Family which means they are seen in public quite often. However this year, their attention has had to turn online due to the pandemic.

The Duchess has many interests in charities and is patron to many organisations including museums and sport-related institutions. 

One of Kate’s most recent campaigns was her 5 Big Questions on the Under Fives.

It formed part of an extensive body of research commissioned by The Royal Foundation and was conducted by Ipsos MORI. 

It looked into finding out what Britons thought on the topic of early childhood and saw over 400,000 people provide answers.

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In the lead up to Kate revealing what the research results showed, she provided insights into the campaign answers on her official Instagram.

One of the posts featured the royal writing on a piece of paper.

The insight read: “Insight 3…70 percent of parents say that they feel judged by others.”

What does her handwriting show?

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Emma Bache is the UK’s leading graphologist and works for both the corporate and private sector assisting with recruitment and career guidance as well as forensic work. She is also available for events and talks worldwide. Her first book, Reading Between The Lines was published by Quercus in 2018.

On Kate’s writing, Emma explained: “The Duchess of Cambridge writes with a regular, well balanced script.  

“She is sociable and well organised but she is also very much a perfectionist in all that she does.”

The Duchess’ handwriting featured large loops which Emma said shows her emotional character.

The expert added: “She can be a tough task master with others but also herself.  

“The loops in the script show her strong emotional character and the spaces between the words have increased over the years indicating an increasing desire for privacy in her life.”

While Kate and William are seen in public regularly, they do keep some aspects of their lives private including their children. 

Emma revealed that her handwriting also shows an increase of her confidence.

She added: “The spaces between the letters themselves have also increased which underlines her growing confidence with the public.”

More recently, when speaking to the camera, Kate goes to great effort to engage the audience, especially when she is speaking about a topic she is passionate about.

The Duchess has made more appearances on her own in her years as a royal, showing her confidence is growing.

The expert also explained what Kate’s pen pressure meant.

Emma said: “Pen pressure is strong – she has a healthy vitality and high endurance levels.

“She is a woman who knows her own mind and is secure enough to speak out when she sees an injustice but always within protocols.  

“Catherine is ambitious and resilient but is not a risk taker.”

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