Kel Mitchell Teases ‘Craziest’ Food Fails On ‘Deliciousness’ & How His ‘Good Burger’ Past Comes In Handy

Kel Mitchell would like to take your order as part of the panel of the new MTV show, ‘Deliciousness!’ He spoke to HL about what we can expect ahead of the week-long premiere event!

Welcome to Deliciousness! Brought to us by the creators of the beloved show Ridiculousness, comes Deliciousness — hosted by Tiffani Thiessen, who serves up up funny clips ranging from comfort food cravings to barbecue disasters and home chef failures. On the panel of critics is Kel Mitchell, Tim Chantarangsu and Angela Kinsey, who all vibe off of each others comedic chops to react to the epic food fails. In speaking to in an EXCLUSIVE interview, Kel revealed what we can expect in this first, week-long premiere event of Deliciousness, some potential guest panelists he’d like to see and how his Good Burger acting chops came in handy for the show!

“Last year I opened up the Good Burger pop-up out here in Hollywood, so I did that and now I’m like the Burger King, so anywhere I go people give me like free burgers, which is super, super funny,” he joked. “But yes, we talk about Good Burger on the show. There’s a clip where a girl is drinking orange soda in one of the videos, and of course, everybody starts going who loves orange soda? So it comes with the territory. It comes with it!”

Kel added that the three panelists and Tiffany have really great chemistry, and “vibe.” “Tim will say something, and then I’m like, Oh, yeah, I agree with that, but I’ll say a joke and we’ll all go back and forth. Tiffani throw us some crazy questions and we’ll answer back and laugh, but then the videos do a lot for it for us themselves, because videos are so crazy,” he said. “We saw this stove explode off the wall while the person was cooking. I mean, that was the only time we were all speechless.”

Another one of Kel’s favorites that fans will be able to see was when a waiter dropped an entire tray of food on the customers. “You just ordered that and it’s just all in your lap now!” he laughed, recalling the episode. The DWTS runner-up added that in the future, Deliciousness might see some guest panelists! “I think it would be great to do that. Because there’s so many great foodies and chefs that could come on the show,” Kel said. “Gordon Ramsey would be fun!”

Deliciousness premieres a week of episodes starting December 14, 7/6c, MTV. Tune in!

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