Liza Koshy is Back for Her 'Expensive Taste Test' Redemption Round

Queen Liza Koshy, has made her official return to Cosmo’s Expensive Taste Test. Who doesn’t love a good comeback? If you’re not already familiar with ETT, here’s the drill: this game tests out just how bougie our celeb guests are. They’re given two similar items, one pricier than the other, and they’ve gotta decide which is the expensive one!

Now while Liza is pretty sure her taste level has “gone downhill” since she was originally put to the test a couple of years back, I’d say she…well she did her very best. Liza tried out beauty products, perfumes, and pizza-flavored candy (yeah, it’s a thing.) She also subtly asked our editors to cut out anything she got wrong, (spoiler: they did not.) IMO, I think Liza deserves extra points on the ETT scoreboard just for spirit alone. Check out the video to see how she did!

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