Man began to receive special treatment after sleeping with his boss

Man, 19, who hates his call centre job reveals he feels trapped by female boss, 46, he’s been sleeping with who REFUSES to let him leave – but is warned he’s being ‘manipulated’

  • Anonymous man, 19, began sleeping with his boss, 46, after struggling in his job
  • Posting on Reddit, explained she set up his job to allow him to pretend to work 
  • He asked for advice after she made threats when he voiced a desire to leave 
  • Responses argued he should get a lawyer and report his boss for harassment  

A man who was close to being fired from his job has revealed his boss gave him special perks after he began sleeping with her, but he’s now unsure how to end their relationship.

Posting anonymously on Reddit, the 19-year-old – believed to be from the UK – explained he has been working in a cold calling centre since September and was struggling to meet the expected minimum targets.

He had been planning to leave three weeks into the job when he ended up having sex with his boss Michelle after a night at the pub and their intimate relationship has continued for the past four months. 

A few weeks ago, still unhappy in his job, he told her he wanted to leave but she begged him not to and said he could stay and not do any work, and that she would cover for him. 

An anonymous man who is believed to be from the UK, has sparked concerns that he’s been sexually harassed after revealing he’s sleeping with his boss who is trying to stop him quitting his job (file image) 

‘I think she thinks if I quit then I’ll stop seeing her, which in all reality I probably would,’ he admitted, adding that Michelle threatened to report his skiving to more senior managers if he tries to resign.  

Commenters were baffled as to why it would matter, with one saying: ‘She’s manipulating you. Besides that if she ‘has’ to tell them… let her. You’re 19 and she’s FORTY SIX. She could be your mother! She’s acting desperate.’   

The teenager asked members of the online forum for advice, saying: ‘So I started working for a cold calling company in September. Basically what I do is read a script and try and get people to agree to a loft inspection. But since I started I’ve been struggling to meet the minimum expected amount of ‘yes’s’. 

‘I knew I was on the edge of being sacked or honestly just leaving because of how completely embarrassingly s*** I am at it. Until I decided like three weeks in to go to the pub with a few people who worked in the office including our boss Michelle who is 46. 

‘Long story short we went home together and we have been sleeping with each other and meeting up outside of work a lot ever since. 

‘I’m 19 and seeing as she’s my boss but not that high up in the pecking order I thought she’d be happy if I left so that I wouldn’t get her in trouble. But she wants me to keep working there. I told her I wanted to leave three weeks ago and she begged me not to and promised that she’d do something for me at work to make it easier.

‘I think she thinks if I quit then I’ll stop seeing her, which in all reality I probably would but shes gone to some lengths to get me to stay. What she has done is that I now sit in the office pretending I’m talking to people all day and she is making it seem legit. 

Posting on Reddit, the man explained he began sleeping with his boss and pretending to do work after fearing that he would lose his job 

‘I kind of want out of the situation but she has basically told me that if I stopped working there she’d ‘have’ to tell her boss the truth about me pretending to work. And shes acting like she would literally ‘have’ to, even though I don’t know why she would ‘have’ to and I think shes lying about that for obvious reasons. Advice would be appreciated.’

A stream of responses reassured the man he can leave the role without any repercussions. 

One person wrote: ‘Anyway, trust me… quitting a cold calling job and never putting it on a resume isn’t going to ruin your life. But, don’t let it go on too much longer. Also, she would get into FAR more trouble for helping you not to work, so she is bluffing.’

Another said: ‘Shine up your resume and look for another job. Don’t worry too much about repercussion from her as she isn’t going to want to let information out that will make her look bad. She’s just using you anyhow.’  

A flood of responses argued there won’t be any repercussions for the man’s actions if he leaves the company 

Others argued the man shouldn’t leave his job, but instead seek a lawyer and report his boss to HR. 

‘She won’t “tell” on you because that would get  HER in trouble – not you. If you want to keep your job, hire a lawyer (if you can) and talk to HR. If you want out, just ride this wave until you get a new job. When you do, don’t look back at the dumpster fire behind you,’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘This is sexual harassment. You are only 19. How would it look if your boss was a man and you were a woman. She set it up so you can pretend to work. I doubt her bosses would like that. She could lose her job and worse. That’s what she is afraid of. She wont tell, you should.’

A third added: ‘I bet she wouldn’t mention the fact that she set you up in the position to be fake working. Also you’re leaving, not much they can do if she tells it would only backfire in her face. 

‘Also I would gather evidence of your relationship with her and try to get evidence of her putting you in the fake working position, just in case you like to clear your name later on.’

Others argued the man doesn’t have to leave his job but should report his boss to HR and get help from a lawyer 

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