Man shows off fridge’s ‘cheese shelf’ but goes viral for bizarre items above it

A man has gone viral after viewers spotted something truly bizarre in his fridge while he was showing off his "cheese shelf".

Steve, from Maryland, US, took to TikTok to film the contents of his fridge and in particular, a drawer full of different types of cheese on TikTok.

In the video seen more than 7.4 millions times, he reacts to the audio, saying: "So doesn't everybody has a drawer in their fridge that's completely dedicated to cheese? Just me?"

But when he reveals the inside of the fridge, it wasn't the dairy item but the contents above the "cheese shelf" that caught viewers' attention.

A full stack of DVDs has taken the biggest compartment in the fridge and eagle-eyed viewers spotted Blu-ray discs of movies such as The Dark Knight and Fargo.

One couldn't help but to comment: "Is no one gonna comment on the DVD shelf … I mean cheese is cheese."

"'Where is the cheese?'," another teased. "'It's right under Finding Nemo'."

A third said: "I had to double take to really see if that was DVDs in your fridge."

Many more questioned why there are DVDs in the fridge and, to answer that question, Steve gave updates in a follow-up video.

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He says: "For one, I love movies. I bought this house that comes with a movie theatre.

"And second, I was reading this article from Weekly World News back in the late 90s about how keeping your DVDs at a temperature below 40F (4C) will make them play better.

"Sound would be better and the picture would be a lot clearer. So ever since then for the past 27 years, I've been keeping all my DVDs and my Blu-rays in the fridge."

Steve then continues: "And the best part is, when people ask what movies I have, I say 'I have the coolest movies around'."

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