Meghan Markle used self-protective answer to control the situation

Kate Middleton reveals wish for Royal Foundation in 2018

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Statement and conversation analysis expert Martin DeCoder analysed the language used by Meghan Markle and Kate, Princess of Wales during The Royal Foundation interview in 2018. In his YouTube channel, the expert claimed that the way they answered the questions shows “major differences” and explained why “Kate and Meghan’s way of speaking affects their image”.

The expert started by saying that both Meghan and Kate defend different causes but they have “completely different ways of presenting them”.

While being interviewed after launching The Royal Foundation charity with Prince William and Prince Harry in 2018, Kate and Meghan were asked about their role.

Language expert Martin claimed that while “Kate tends to address all people, more or less, Meghan addresses a more narrow group”.

When the interviewer praised Kate for coming up with the idea, the Princess of Wales explained: “It is very generous of you to say it was my idea, but actually going back to the beginning, and when we were looking for different ways we could all work with the foundation […]”

Kate went on to explain how they all came up with the idea and the causes they could support through a joint effort.

“It was something I think all three of us at the time thought that we really could make a far bigger impact together,” Kate added.

According to the language guru, the then Duchess of Cambridge kept using the pronoun “we” showing “humility, solidarity and teamwork”.

She was “slightly embarrassed to be praised like this and she modified the answer to include the rest, using the pronoun ‘we’, which places her in a humble position”.

“She also admits the project was bigger than what she thought it was which shows admission, and admissions of this nature are easy for people to relate to,” the expert opined.

When asked about her role in the charity, Meghan started by saying: “Knowing that I’ve only been here for three months, right?”

The language expert claimed: “It is important for her to underline that she has been in the UK for a short time.

“Although everybody knows that, she is stating the obvious for self-protective purposes. This way she can make it sound like the question is being asked too early, not that she is underprepared. It is a way of trying to control the situation to save face.”

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Meghan also used the pronoun “I” while talking about her and her experience. “She speaks in terms of ‘I’ and ‘me’, her statements don’t make it sound like a team effort. Her answers are vague, individualistic and excluding,” the expert claimed.

Martin compared their language with more recent interviews and opined that Kate always uses inclusive speech.

While talking to Phil and Holly on This Morning during the Covid pandemic, she was asked about homeschooling and how she was coping with the three children at home.

Kate explained: “Fine, thank you. I’m sure you are experiencing the same with your family. We are starting with homeschooling, but yes, we are fine, thanks for asking. How are you? How are your families?”

The speech guru claimed: “She gives her answer but she is quick to include the others in her answer asking them how they are coping and how their families are.”

The language expert added that Kate “was quick to go from ‘I’ to ‘we'” and opined that she was “very inclusive” with the hosts.

“Her being inclusive with the hosts gives a completely different dynamic to the conversation. It’s nice to be seen in a conversation rather than listening to someone who only wants to talk about themselves.”

Kate also shared an anecdote about Prince George which “made the hosts feel relaxed” saying: “George gets very upset because he just wants to do all of Charlotte’s projects and making sort of spider sandwiches which is far cooler than literacy!”

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