Men are officially more vain than women, according to new study

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It’s official – modern men are more vain than women.

Psychologists timed young adults in front of the mirror and tracked their gaze.

And the results found that the blokes stared at themselves for five seconds longer than women.

Study co-author Jonas Potthoff, from the University of Graz in Austria, said: “Gaze duration was associated with self-esteem.”

A group of 68 adults – mostly students in their early 20s – were recruited to help experts study mirror exposure therapy, which is used to help those with eating disorders.

The men spent 80 seconds on average checking out their own faces – while women took just 75 seconds.

If you're a man, do you think you're more vain than the women in your life? Let us know in the comments below

Yet this could actually mean that women are more confident with their appearance.

Dr Potthoff added: “While some people enjoy looking at their faces, others ­experience emotional distress.

“High self-esteem indicates that, on the whole, individuals are satisfied with themselves and are not overly critical.

“Surprisingly, higher self-esteem was associated with shorter – possibly less critical – viewing of their own face.”

It comes after another study revealed the average number of sexual partners for men in the UK.

The research, carried out by Manual, a men’s mental health platform, found that they have sex with 9.8 partners across their lifetime.

But, out of the 35 countries examined in the study, that figure only placed them in 16th in the rankings.

At the top of the pile was Turkey, with 14.5, followed by Australia with 13.3.

Traling just behind was New Zealand with 13.2, while Iceland and South Africa finished the top five with 13 and 12.5 respectively.

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