Mum in stitches during interview as candidate spouts 3 minutes of gibberish

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A mum was left in hysterics when she tried to hire a nanny.

During an interview, a potential candidate babbled on for "three minutes of gibberish" – much to her amusement.

Alissa was looking to hire a nanny to take care of her child during the coronavirus pandemic and sent out questions regarding Covid practices to all candidates.

She hoped to hear if interviewees were willing to get vaccinated, stick to social distancing rules and wear face masks.

But one hopeful tried to avoid answering the questions by explaining health "studies" and mentioning yoga practices.

The parent couldn't contain her laughter and decided to share the content to her fans on TikTok.

"We asked this potential nanny about her Covid practices and she recorded an audio," Alissa says and plays the recording.

The woman says she can give her more "specifics" by referencing a policy code, adding: "I definitely [continue] to do the protocol and health regimens that I've done in the past few years that help heal some of the health conditions.

"I have had issues with breathing but continues with those.

"Erm… already with the studies showing what I have acknowledged, especially the vitamin D level and it's very important, so I have the liquid vitamin D so that I could get them out as much as I can.

"There's also a lot of relationship to the visceral fat and the risk of the disease, I'd definitely say I'm very active, clean on diet."

Alissa is cracking up while listening to the response as the audio continues: "I've been doing Kundalini yoga because I find Kundalini yoga very awesome.

"It's really very good for the system and that helps for the circulation of glandular tissue to help really promote that immune system, clear things out."

She also said she has been taking anti-viral mushrooms and herbs to keep her from getting the virus.

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Viewers were left in stitches after watching Alissa's video, with one commenting: "She said so much but I didn't hear mask, social distancing, hand washing which I'm sure is what she really should have focused on."

"That was three minutes of gibberish, haha," a second added.

Alissa later revealed that the woman did not get the nanny job and explained: "She felt uncomfortable with that line of questioning and threatened to sue my family."

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