Mum praised for sharing candid snaps of post-pregnancy loose skin

A mum-of-three was praised for sharing candid snaps of her post-pregnancy body.

Sheri Grant, 29, posted pictures of her loose skin in a bid to inspire other mothers to embrace their imperfections.

Social media users find the parent’s unfiltered approach to life very refreshing.

Many follow her on Instagram, where she’s racked up 7,700 followers.

Sheri, from New South Wales, used to feel self conscious about her body.

The Aussie woman was cruelly taunted by acquaintances, who told her she was too skinny.

She revealed: “For a very long time growing up I disliked my body, as a little girl I never truly felt I fit in anywhere, I always felt like I had to be something I wasn’t and if I didn’t I would be put down or ashamed of for not following the social expectations there were.

“Being told to eat more, that I look sick, and who can forget getting called ‘mosquito bites’ – they are only a few remarks and comments I got growing up and I got them a lot, I had adults commenting on my body when I was 14 years old.

“Remember the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me, well words do hurt and they hurt everyone, I just felt so lost in a messy world of hate.”

When Sherri gave birth to her first son, William, her mind-set changed.

She started to love her body in 2014 – and she’s since had two more kids – Casey, three and Kyle, one.

The influencer revealed: “Becoming a mother has shown me great strengths and lengths my body has gone through to create three beautiful children.

“Watching my body change dramatically showed me love and acceptance for my body.

“Bearing my own children shone a bright light on the parts of me I didn’t want to look at or learn about.

“I had always felt trapped in my own skin until I had my third baby boy, Kye, I felt having him had helped unlock a part of me I never knew was there not to mention my amazing supportive partner who truly picks me up when I’m feeling really down.

“I started looking at every imperfection in a different way, I felt somewhat powerful I birthed into this new person, a person with more acceptance, love and appreciation.”

Sherri wanted to put her new-found confidence to good use.

She set up an Instagram page, where she posts pictures of her “real” body to promote body confidence.

The social media star explained: ”I wanted to be the woman I needed as a girl, I could not believe it took me to have children to truly love my body but it has.

“I really wanted to help people help the world and we need to start somewhere so then I started sharing my love to empower and inspire the women and people around me by sharing my life through Instagram.”

The mum is certainly achieving her aim – as many love her posts.

One Instagram user recently gushed: “Mama you are amazing inside and out.”

Another said: “You just look so raw, vulnerable and absolutely beautiful in this shot…

“So powerful and hit right at home for me.”

A third added: “Thank you for staying real.”

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