Mums are getting their showers streak-free with oven cleaner

Britain has notoriously hard water, and that can make our showers and baths particularly hard to clean.

In a bid to get their showers totally streak-free, some mums have shared how they clean their glass showers with oven cleaner.

They’ve posted their sparkling results on Facebook group Mums Who Clean and commenters have been left pretty impressed.

One mum shared before and after pictures of her cleaning endeavours, as well as details on exactly how she used the oven cleaner, writing: ‘Spray it on and leave for 20 mins. Then use a scourer that you use on pots and pans, it does not harm the glass.

‘Do not spray on the chrome frame though.’

She also noted that she was careful to wear a mask throughout because of the fumes and used a brand that was odourless.

The post was met with comments calling the method a ‘game changer’.

‘Yay. I’ve been saying that for ages. Glad it worked for you,’ wrote one Facebook user.

In case we needed more evidence, another woman posted the shiny results of her using oven cleaner on the shower.

She captioned the images with: ‘Before and after. So satisfying.’

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