My boyfriend smokes weed every day, costing us money we don’t have

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend smokes weed every day, costing us money we don’t have. It feels as though drugs matter to him more than I do.

We have been seeing each other for six months and have just moved into a flat together. I am 25 and he is 27. 

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He is so different to my exes and treats me well. The only problem is the drugs.

He keeps saying he wants to give it up but I don’t see any real evidence of that.

I’ve tried to get him to seek help and he says he will but nothing ever happens.

We don’t have money for the new trainers I need but still he buys weed.

It is putting a huge strain on our relationship.

Is there any advice you can offer me to help him give up?

DEIDRE SAYS: Spell it out that you will end your relationship unless he gets help and stops for good.

He alone is entirely responsible for his drug habit and for sorting it out.

I hope this will give him the jolt he needs because, unfortunately, your relationship will struggle otherwise.

You can find support at DrugFAM (, 0300 888 3853). 

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