My wifes 37 years older than me – Im sick of people calling her my mum

A lesbian couple with a 37-year age gap have hit back at trolls who questioned their relationship, but admitted that they have needed to grapple with cultural differences.

Julia Zelg, 27, and Eileen De Freest, 64, have been married for three years after both swiping right on Tinder.

Since getting together, the couple have documented their unusual relationship in videos on their YouTube channels, and even invited the world to their wedding by sharing a video of the event with their subscribers.

Now, speaking on the Later Dater podcast, Julia and Eileen told the story of how they met on Tinder, and opened up about the cliched criticisms they have received about their romance online.

“People stare at us sometimes a little bit or they just assume Eileen’s my mother,” Julia said. “But nobody actually purposefully says anything mean.

“If we’re somewhere and people say Eileen’s my mum, and I say that actually we’re married, they are usually very embarrassed.”

Both Eileen and Julia have YouTube accounts where they share vlogs and Q&A videos about their relationship, and they confessed that strangers can be much ruder online where they are able to hide behind their anonymity.

Julia added: “Sometimes because they’re not showing their face they feel like they can say anything. We’ve heard really awful things like people calling me a gold digger or saying I have mummy issues.

“Or in Eileen’s case, someone called her a paedophile, which is disgusting, I’m almost 30.”

Julia and Eileen both knowingly reiterated the old cliche that “age is just a number”, but admitted that they often realise that they had both grown up in different eras.

“I’ll often say to Julia, ‘I was alive during the moon landing’, or something like that, and she’ll be like, ‘what? Really?’ But I think that can be a fun thing to share,” Eileen suggested.

“I’ll ask her things – she was born in 1994 – and I’ll be like, ‘oh that’s right, you weren’t born yet’. It’s a nice thing to be able to share that experience, because we aren’t in the same cultural moment.”

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