Neighbours' Real Dee faces death in clifftop showdown return

Well look who it is – Dee (Madeleine West) IS alive and well after all these years – turns out Toadie’s ill-timed snog on their wedding day didn’t send her to a watery grave after all. But will she be around long enough for Toadie to find out?

For one, her reappearance is about to ruin Andrea’s plan to have Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) all to herself. Is Andrea, who’s already gone way above the realms of normal in her quest to win Toadie over, ruthless enough to get rid of her rival to save her dream of having a family? Could Dee die for real this time?

The two women come face to face on a clifftop of all places, and Dee is full of questions but Andrea wants nothing to do with her. She tries to walk away and the two women enter into a scuffle at the edge of the cliff – then one of them falls!

Back in Erinsborough, Ian confesses to Toadie that he’s heard from Karen and she’s on her way. Is she though? Or is she now lying dead at the bottom of a cliff? Toadie is rocked to learn of her impending arrival and he feels a bit sick – after everything he’s been through, can he cope with this?

He can’t shake the sense that he’s betraying Sonya. He breaks the news to Andrea that Dee has been found, and she pretends to be shocked, all the while knowing what – or who – went down on that cliff.

The next day she tells Toadie that she can’t bear to see him with Dee and has decided to leave. But after her goodbyes she turns back up at Toadie’s, this time posing as Dee!

But unbeknownst to her, her mum has dragged Dee from the waters and is desperately coming up with her own plan. Dee comes round, terrified of the situation she’s in. Can she get back to Toadie and tell him the truth before it’s too late?

Scenes air from Monday 8th July at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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