Pauletta Washington And Other Celeb Moms Team Up With Michelle Obama For PSA To Get People Vaccinated

The mothers of some of your favorite stars have come together with Michelle Obama to encourage you to get vaccinated. The “Get Vaccinated – Mom Said So” video is a collaboration of nonprofit organization (founded by celeb and influencer moms) YourMomCares, Made to Save (a grassroots campaign to increase education and access of the vaccines) and the popular comedy enterprise The Second City to drive the message home. It’s one that’s especially timely as we head into the holiday week and many people visit with their mothers and loved ones for Christmas. It’s also coming at the right time because cases of the COVID-19 variant Omicron are skyrocketing in New York City and moving fast around the country.

The women featured include Pauletta Washington, mom of John David Washington (and wife of Denzel, of course), Robin Paul, mom of NBA star Chris Paul, as well as the moms of Zendaya, Alicia Keys, actor Jonah Hill and singer Adam Levine. Closing out the video is your favorite mom outside of your own — the former first lady.

In the PSA, the ladies use comedy to share ways other moms can convince their kids to get vaccinated or obtain a booster shot this season. They pull from the “The Mom Book,” which includes using bribery, guilt, texting way too many times, making handcrafted gifts nobody wants and more. But of course, it’s the straightforward advice of these women that truly gets the point across.

“I was very reluctant to getting the vaccine,” Washington admits in the clip. “But then I was convinced, I got it, and now I feel free.”

“Faith over fear, that’s my motto,” Paul shares. “You don’t have to live in fear once you get the vaccination.”

And Obama, always the master orator, drove the message home best in a succinct way saying, “You don’t need to be a mom to be a superhero. You can keep yourself and those around you safe by getting your COVID vaccine or booster today.”

Check out this funny but also very necessary call to action below.
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