People are just realising why Wetherspoons have quirky carpets in each pub

Wetherspoons pubs are usually the go-to for a cheap meal with booze.

Often when people go for a drink with their pals, they don't notice much about the decor at the place they're in.

And in this case, there's a design feature which many people might not have spotted with Wetherspoons.

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In each pub, there's a carpet design which is unique and there's a reason for it.

Speaking previously, Jon Randall, head of property development and acquisitions, said bosses think carefully about their carpets.

He said: "We place particular emphasis on the design of our new pubs, investing heavily in every aspect.

"With more than 900 pubs, that is a lot of carpet.

"All of our new pub carpets are individually designed, some with details to reflect aspects of the building's history or local area.

"It is great to see some of our customers, who are obviously loyal fans, taking an active interest with this unusual online collection."

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Although most of us might not have noticed it, Kit Caless has spent some time compiling a list of as many of their rugs as possible.

He set up a blog and asked people to send in their snaps.

Kit said: "I read this book, Will Wiles, The Way Inn; in that novel, the main character visits the same hotel chain everywhere he goes.

"In each hotel, there's a piece of art outside the lift, and he figures out that the art all matches up into one big, massive art piece."

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He added: "I was reading that book while I was in a Wetherspoon pub in Canterbury.

"And when I finished it, I just looked down at the carpet and it was really complicated.

"I wondered whether the carpet matched another Wetherspoon one. Then I got interested as a chain to not repeat itself is rare.

"So I started looking into it – and it just sort of snowballed."

But it's not just Kit who takes a photo of the carpet in a Wetherspoons pub.

A contestant on TV show Tenableleft host Warwick Davies confused viewers when he revealed his passion for the pub's carpets.

In a clip posted online, guest Darryl said: "I like to visit different Wetherspoons and take photographs of the carpets."

Warwick then looks blankly at the camera before asking: "What?"

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