People are only just realising theyve been wearing seatbelts wrong

A plus-size influencer took to TikTok to spread awareness after learning that she's been wearing her seatbelt in a way that could kill her.

The woman, who posts on the app as, was shocked when she saw a video that explained that wearing her seatbelt across her tummy could cause damage to her organs in the event of an accident.

She realised she should be putting the belt under her belly and took to TikTok to demonstrate to her followers how to do it properly.

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In the video, which gained more than 680,000 likes, she explained: "Recently I came across the video that said that if you're fat and wearing your seatbelt wrong, it could literally kill you.

"In an accident though, I'm gonna show you how to properly wear your seatbelt if you're fat.

"If you're wearing your seatbelt here, that's your stomach that's gonna rip through your organs and kill you.

"You're supposed to do is wear your seatbelt down here, under your stomach so that it will hit your pelvis and you will survive."

Other viewers were also shocked that they had been wearing it wrong and took to the comments to praise her for sharing the important information.

One user wrote: "Thanks for saving my literal insides."

Another added: "Paramedic here. This is 100% true and I have unfortunately seen the outcomes of wearing it improperly, embarrassment is not worth your life."

A third commented: "I see comments saying people are embarrassed to tuck it under.

"My mom tucks under & pulls her shirt over it so you can’t even see it!"

"You’re supposed to do this when you're pregnant too. I got into an accident at 7 months pregnant and it saved my baby wearing it that way," a fourth wrote.


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