People scratch their heads at ‘most aggressive’ optical illusion they’ve seen

An optical illusion has left many Reddit users scratching their heads.

In the image, it shows a series of lime green and blue shapes surrounded by little black and white diamonds.

But by looking at it for longer, it'll make it seem as though the image is moving.

And that's where you've got things wrong.

Although it looks as though the shapes are moving ever so slightly, that isn't actually happening.

Since it was shared on Reddit, the post racked up 3,300 upvotes and dozens of comments.

One baffled user joked: "Confused screaming," another added: "My head got a fuzzy feeling."

A third admitted: "This immediately started to make my eyes water."

While a fourth joked: "I'm too drunk for this s***."

And a fifth wrote: "This optical illusion was the most 'aggressive' I have ever seen. I even had to check if it was a GIF."

This optical illusion is an example of an illusory motion which makes you think something's moving.

The effect is the result of interacting colour contrasts and shape position, and we've actually seen this kind of an optical illusion before.

Previously an optical illusion with motion blindness went viral.

Meanwhile, this mind-bending optical illusion asks you to stare at the centre for 20 seconds.

But while it looks like a standard image, once you glance at it for those seconds it will start to confuse you.

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After staring at the image, the regularity of the grid pattern at the centre begins to spread into the irregular parts.

In another illusion, this brainteaser left many Reddit users baffled.

The person who posted the optical illusion on the social media platform wrote: "This is not a gif."

One wrote: "Depending on which eye I use, the inside or the outside wiggles. Wtf?"

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