Pets at Home is selling a thundervest to help dogs calm during thunderstorms

PETS AT HOME is selling a vest that helps calm down dogs during thunderstorms.

Warnings of flash flooding and thunderstorms have been issued across the UK following Britain's hottest ever day on record.

The aptly named coat is called a Thundershirt, which costs £30, applies gentle pressure to help reassure your dog if it gets anxious or scared. 

Similarly to a baby swaddled in a blanket, the gently and constant pressure from this shirt pacifies your pooch.

Brands such as Feliway develop spray and diffuser products to combat problems of scratching, loss of appetite, fighting and more with cats but your feline friends can use Thundershirts as well.

Available in a range of sizes (XS to XL), just measure your dog's chest to choose the correct fit.

Retailers are really looking out for pets to protect them from the elements – Argos is selling a cooling coat to keep your pooch cool this summer.

B&M also joins the ranks of stores which are selling cooling attire for dogs this summer – their vests and harnesses are under a fiver.

Thunderstorms are causing issues for people as well as pooches – the UK weather warning is warned to be able to cause asthma attacks.

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