Pretty Please? Kim K., More Stars Who Have Pleaded for Foods to Return

No matter how powerful a celebrity may be, he or she can’t always secure the return of a beloved, discontinued food.

Case in point: Reality TV queen Kim Kardashian took to Twitter in April 2018 to declare her love of Dunkaroos in response to a tweet that claimed the ‘90s snack would return if a message from Betty Crocker, the food item’s producer, was retweeted 150,000 times.

“Obsessed with Dunkaroos. Please come back!” Kardashian tweeted for her more than 61 million followers to see. However, even an impassioned tweet like that from one of the most famous people in the world wasn’t enough to convince the food brand to take action and resurrect Dunkaroos, which were discontinued in America in 2012, once and for all.

Not long after Kardashian’s tweet went live, Betty Crocker’s parent company, General Mills, confirmed the initial message was all part of an elaborate hoax. “We love hearing from fans of Dunkaroos. Please continue to share your thoughts with us,” a spokesperson for the company said in a statement at the time. “But we need to let you know we never set a number of retweets for a return of Dunkaroos, as you may have seen in a fake direct message screenshot. At this time, we don’t have anything to announce.”

Still, in a handful of other instances, a star’s clout has been enough to bring a discontinued snack back from the food graveyard. In July 2019, Popsicle announced it was reviving its Double Pops thanks to some encouragement from Justin Bieber.

Apparently the “I Don’t Care” singer’s tweet about needing “those back” was enough to spur the popsicle brand into action. When a message reached 100,000 retweets, the company confirmed Double Pops would officially return for all to enjoy.

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