Prince William Once Showed He Is 'Stubborn' Just Like Princess Diana

Princess Diana has left a big impact on the royal family, and she also has influenced the way her sons live their life now.

Prince William, being the second in line to the throne, shares some similarities with his father, Prince Charles. However, he has inherited stubbornness which reportedly could be seen in Diana herself.

Princess Diana said Prince William was more like Prince Charles

Even back when William and his brother, Prince Harry, were kids, personality differences between them were obvious. Diana even said that William was more like Charles, while Harry was more like her.

According to Diana’s former chef Darren McGrady, the princess reportedly used to say, “William is deep like his dad and stubborn, and Harry is a hothead like me; he does the first thing that comes into his head.”

Prince William reportedly is ‘stubborn’ just like Princess Diana

In any case, William did inherit some traits from Diana, such as his stubbornness.

In the 2007 documentary Prince Charles and Prince William: Royal Rivals?, expert Judy Wade noted that William is similar to Diana and has “got a lot of Spencer in him.”

“First of all he’s got her steely determination, he wants what he wants when he wants it, and he gets what he wants normally,” Wade said, according to Express.

Author Katie Nicholl also commented, “It’s very interesting that William will not be railroaded into anything. He will put his foot down, dig his heels in, and he will not budge or be budged by anyone.”

The documentary presented an interview William did in 2005 when he was still a student at the University of St Andrews. William talked about how much he wanted to be “in control” of his life.

“I really do want to be in control of my own life, and if I don’t agree with what someone is saying or what someone is pushing on me, I won’t do it,” William said. “If I’m wrong and they’re right and people tell me that then obviously I’ll change my mind. I’m always open to people saying I’m wrong because most of the time I am.”

The prince continued, “I hate losing control. I think it’s very important to see what you want to do and go for it.”

Prince William is one of the most popular royals today

William seems to have drawn on some traits from Charles and Diana to become a popular heir to the throne. According to YouGov, he is the second most popular royals alive, with a 62 percent approval rating. His wife, Kate Middleton, is one spot behind him.

William is actually so popular that some people have called for the crown to skip Charles, who only has a 45 percent approval rating.

However, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly rejects this plea. Royal expert Simon Vigar explained, “The Queen doesn’t believe in breaking the rules, she does not want Charles to step aside when she passes. William doesn’t want that to happen.”

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