Princess Anne and Zara ‘share bonds of affection’ despite ‘rather different lives’

Zara Tindall 'pushed the boundaries' says royal expert

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Princess Anne is a senior working member of the Royal Family and is currently 16th in line of succession to the throne. Known as Princess Royal, Anne often carries out engagements in public alone as well as with other members of the family including her mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Zara Tindall is not a working member of the Royal Family and although keeps her life quite private, often appears in public.

This tends to be for important occasions or events such as Royal Ascot and for royal weddings.

Zara and Anne both have an interest in horse riding, with both holding Olympic medals.

However, they also lead quite different lives due to Princess Anne having an important role in the Royal Family.

Despite the differences in their lives, one expert has said they “often look lost in conversation”.

Speaking to, body language expert Judi James analysed the mother-daughter duo in public.

She said: “Like a lot of like-minded mothers and daughters, a large part of the communication lies in the eye contact.

“Anne and her daughter Zara have had rather different lives, with Anne living under scrutiny and pressure of royal life while Zara has a much more free existence as a non-royal but the pair have shared their equestrian skills and successes and it is clear from their body language that they share other bonds of affection and closeness too.

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“Their eye contact rituals look extended and also important to them.”

Judi added that this seems to be a way of sharing what looks like a similar sense of humour.

The expert went on: “Both women perform an eye smile when they are together and Zara in particular seems to use the eye contact to tune into her mothers thoughts.

“They often look lost in conversation even when they have one of Zara’s children between them.”

Zara and husband Mike have three children together, Mia, seven, Lena, three and Lucas, five months.

Princess Anne is often seen helping out with the children as well as pictured holding their hands.

Judi previously explained that when she is with her grandchildren, there is a “demonstrative” side to the Princess.

She said: “With both Zara’s daughters having clearly inherited the tendency to look like free spirits with a huge enjoyment of life, the filter is off in terms of the way that Anne behaves towards them in public.

“It can be a joy to watch, as it does allow us a peek of the real Anne.”

Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips are the eldest grandchildren of the Queen.

They lead quite private lives due to them not being working members of the Royal Family.

The siblings also don’t have royal titles unlike some of their other cousins.

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