Royal Expert: Meghan Markle Should Act Like a Lady and Not a Celebrity 'Hustler'

Why one royal author is slamming Markle

Markle is an easy target, given her celebrity background, and royal author Lady Colin Campbell definitely focused on that aspect during an interview on Good Morning Britain.

When asked how Markle “is doing” as a member of the royal family, Campbell shared: “I think the verdict is out at the moment,” adding, “I’m rooting for Meghan.”

“I hope that Meghan is going to do as she appeared in thevery early days that she would be doing,” she added.

Campbell did note, however, “I have to say, the ridehas been rather rockier than one would have hoped.”

When asked if things will “calm down now that she’s a mother,” the author shared: “I have an awful feeling that Meghan needs to understand things that she doesn’t yet understand.”

She continued: “Like there’s a massive difference between being a celebrity hustling your way from the bottom to the top — and she was a very proud hustler, she used to use the word hustle for herself and her first husband very proudly — and being a lady or being a royal.”

She added: “You don’t hustle, the values, the embodiment iscompletely different. She’s sorted, she’s got it. I think she needs to nowembrace it and understand it’s a new game in town.”

She concluded that Markle needs to play the part of a royal, saying, “She’s an actress; she needs to come up with a new act.”

Lady Colin has been critical of Markle in the past and rather boldly called the duchess “cheap” and “vulgar.”

The writer told Closer magazine: “She was never an A-lister, so she needs to stop acting like one. Royalty do not behave like celebrities do. It’s cheap, vulgar and irresponsible.”

Markle was criticized for guest-editing Vogue

Of course, Markle’s involvement as a guest editor for the September issue of British Vogue left her open for criticism as well, with The Sun’s Dan Wootton claiming that the Queen wouldn’t approve of the gig.

During an interview on ITV’s Lorraine, Wootton ranted, “The Queen will think this is an absolutely idiotic ridiculous decision, as do I.”

He continued, explaining: “Remember Meghan doesn’t want to be a celebrity, she says she wants to be a royal. Royals don’t guest edit magazines, celebrities guest edit magazines. Do you get me? Do you see the point that I’m making?”

Wootton noted: “I feel I need to bring a bit of reality to the situation. Vogue is probably the most elite expensive snobby fashion-dominated, skinny-dominated magazine in the entire world.”

He continued: “This is not some great mainstream force forgood, this is a magazine for the elite.”

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