See The Top Black Girl Magic Moments Of 2021

2021 was full of Black girls showing up for themselves and one another. 

As the path to outside crept open Black girls snatched up everything that was coming to them with undeniable style and grace, cheering each other on as they each crossed their personal finish lines. 

Without our dynamic political prowess, serious cultural impact and undeniable style, the world would really be nothing so it’s no surprise Black girls collected their much deserved wins this year. 

A Grammy winner became a graduate as everyone’s favorite chart stopping stallion fulfilled her promise to herself by completing her education, stood up for what she believed in, and made us want a graduation photo shoot do-over. (Also starred as her fiercely hot alter ego Tina Snow on ESSENCE’s September/October cover.)

Megan Thee Stallion | Photographed by Chrisean Rose

A frosty amateur chef whipped up a recipe for a clap-back that has us all wanting more. A soulful singer showed off her producing skills and proved her range with an operatic dance track that had a begging for mercy. Athletes leapt right on past the status quotient to carve out time for themselves, inspiring us to consider the true meaning of self care. Soothing voices pulled us into the sunshine with joyful page turners and quick video clips. Bonafide movie stars leveled up into the next stratosphere using natural talent and red carpet glamour, funny girls gripped trophies they earned and our fictional besties tried to force the process leading to funny but disastrous results. 

Our Girls United Associate Editor D’Shonda Brown sat down and walked us through all our sisters’ winning moments that had our timelines jumping for joy at ESSENCE this week. 

Join in her in revisiting several of the miraculous Black Girl Magic moments that gave us life this year below and check back with ESSENCE for a full look at all things 2021 before we say goodbye to this year forever.

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