Social media users share some of the funniest signs they've ever seen

Sign me up! Hilarious snaps reveal attention-grabbing notices that won’t fail to make you laugh

  • Bored Panda has compiled some of the funniest signs from around the world
  • One advertised fencing as the perfect sport –  as it includes a mask and gloves
  • Another asked people to ‘like and share’ a physical wooden post

Signs are usually put in place to inform and instruct – but some creative types recognise that the best way to get the point across is to be entertaining too. 

Bored Panda compiled this list of funny signs from around the world, where the writers used clever humour to convey their message. 

Among the line-up is a fencing academy that branded the activity the ‘perfect Covid sport’ as users wear a mask and gloves, and a pub describing itself as ‘3D Tinder’

Another sign advertises a ‘dog library’ – where animals can borrow sticks, while another plays on the social media phrase ‘like and share this post’.

Here FEMAIL rounds up some of the funniest  and most clever signs you’ll see…

Ready for selfies! This sign at the Grand Canyon lets tourists know the name of the spot they’re at – while also describing the impressive view

This sign, spotted at the entrance to one social media user’s in-laws’ retirement community in the US, says what a lot of people probably end up thinking as they age

This sign outside a fencing academy in California displayed marketing genius in branding the activity the ‘perfect Covid sport’ thanks to the mask, gloves, and social distancing

Stick with it! Who came up with this idea obviously loves their four-legged friends – the idea of a dog library, with sticks instead of books won online praise for being so sweet and funny

The days it’s all about the likes and shares. This post might be a little different to most, but it still wants your attention

This sign may not be instructive or informative, but its witty words did make social media users laugh

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This sign, reportedly spotted in Ireland, gives some prudent (if harsh) advice  – which would likely be applicable to teenagers all over the world

Remember the good old days, when humans used to meet each other real life, rather than simply appearing on a screen, waiting to be swiped? Us neither. But this British pub does

Talk about a dad joke! One social media user posted this Covid-related sign his father hung up at his house

This shop sign in Kyoto, Japan, lets customers know exactly which hours the shop will and will not be open during, sort of

For many animal lovers, the baby changing station in this sign would be a thing of rare beauty – changing babies into…cats

Kew Gardens won online praise for its amusing request, asking passers-by not to trigger the Venus fly-traps, and warning flies to proceed with caution

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