Strippers spill on richest ever clients – including one who tipped £25k

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Ever wondered how much you could earn working as a stripper?

Some dancers could pocket a couple of thousands in a week, while others make that money in one night.

But it doesn't matter how well you know your way around the pole, it's all about the clients who enter the door.

You could either be given a bundle of cash for just a chat or even a private dance.

The truth is working in a strip club can expose dancers to some of the country's richest people.

Now two strippers have opened up about their richest ever clients as one was gifted £25,000 during a shift, reports Vice.

Scarlett-Mae, 31, from Torquay, is currently working in a club with some of the richest clients.

Despite losing a lot of work over lockdown, she's managed to find her feet once again.

She has one regular customer who pops in every weekend to see her and spends a couple of hundreds on her services.

But the stripper also has millionaires who visit the club too and one of her colleagues clients really splashed the cash.

She said: "I do know a girl that had an American barrister that came in and dropped £25,000 in one night on five girls.

"There can be a lot of money in the bigger cities like London though."

Meanwhile another stripper who has been working in the industry for about five months has already had her fair share of business.

Kyra, 22, from Devon, met a rich guy who was out celebrating his friend's stag do with a number of very wealthy men.

She admitted: "I actually clocked on to him because I noticed he was wearing these studded Louboutin shoes.

"I was like, 'Okay, men do not wear those shoes. I'm gonna stay with this guy'."

Then when the fella went into one of the VIP rooms, he said he wanted to have all the girls in the room at once.

However the club couldn't offer all the girls at once because some had to be on the floor, but Kyla managed to get a good deal.

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She told the wealthy man it would be £1,000 per girl.

Kyla said: "I kind of just made up that number because I wanted £1,000 – and he did it!"

Previously, a stripper revealed what she earns on "slow" Mondays where clubs are like ghost towns.

Sharing on TikTok, she admitted that earning $315 (£230) is considered "not bad" on the first night after a busy weekend.

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