Strongbow removes artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours from its recipe

Strongbow is making some big changes to its cider recipe.

The drinks brand is removing artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours from its formula.

Despite these tweaks, its owner Heineken insists the tipple will taste exactly the same.

The re-vamp has apparently occurred to meet the demands of consumers, who are “being more mindful about ingredients”.

Heineken has made its cider recipes more natural.

In Strongbow Dark Fruits, the fruity formula not longer contains artificial ingredients.

The saccharin in the drink has also been ditched, in favour of sugar instead.

Cindy Tervoort of Heineken said: “With the apple cider category hugely important to the off-trade, we’ve been on a mission to make our Strongbow offering even better and future-proof it for generations to come.

“Research tells us that consumer attitudes are changing; they are thinking more about what they consume and where it’s from – which includes being more mindful about ingredients too.”

The re-vamped booze is said to hit stores this month, although an official launch date hasn’t been announced.

Customers may also notice changes on the packaging on the product.

This month, Heineken revealed it was adding nutritional information on the packaging of its ciders.

This includes calorie and sugar content.

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