Tattoo model hits back at keyboard warriors who assume she sleeps around

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A tattoo model has hit back at trolls who make assumptions about her life.

Amber Luke is tired of being slut shamed just because she posts racy content online.

So she urged Instagram users to “try to be decent” when they’re leaving comments for people online.

In a message to her 16,200 followers, the Australian influencer wrote: “You don’t know me, so don’t assume s*** about me or my lifestyle. PERIOD.

“I will forever wear my heart on my sleeve, despite getting knocked down time and time again.

“I think it’s important to remember that every single individual on this earth has demons to live and deal with – so try be a decent person.”

Amber continued: “Just because I do porn does NOT mean I sleep around a lot.

“And even if I did, who the f*** are you to be the one to say it's wrong to be sexually liberated?”

Instead of letting negativity bring her down, the alternative model has decided to focus on her success.

She added: “Take your judgement and can it. I have my own brand name for a reason lol.”

The post garnered more than 1,600 likes – and many agreed with Amber’s message.

One commenter wrote: “Nicely said! I agree with you.

“Sending you support and positive vibes always.”

Another said: “You’re a great human being. I love you boo.”

A third wrote: “Keep doing you.”

And a fourth added: “You are so beautiful.”

Through the years, Amber has altered her appearance with body modification.

She’s covered 98% of her body in ink, as well as getting piercings on her face, body and even crotch.

The influencer has also braved gruesome procedures.

She’s had her tongue split into a fork, ears stretched and eyeballs inked a bright shade of blue.

As well as changing her appearance, Amber’s outlook has changed.

The model was diagnosed with clinical depression at 14 and struggled to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Thankfully, the model’s mindset changed when she found her passion for body art.

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