Taylor Swift and Evermore Park Drop Lawsuits Against One Another, With No Money Exchanged

And they shall sue one another… nevermore.

Taylor Swift and Evermore Park, a theme park in Utah, have dropped the lawsuits they filed against one another, according to Swift’s camp. Neither side claimed any cash in the agreement to lay down their weapons..

“As a resolution of both lawsuits, the parties will drop and dismiss their respective suits without monetary settlement,” said a statement from Swift’s spokesperson.

Reps for Evermore Park could not be reached for comment. The theme park, which has no rides and is closer to an immersive Renaissance Faire-type experience, is currently closed, after having to cancel its planned winter season and lay off dozens of employees as a result of conditions imposed by the pandemic.

Evermore Park was the first to sue, on Feb. 2 in Utah, alleging that Swift’s December album release, “Evermore,” and its attendant merchandise infringed on the attraction’s trademarks.

On Feb. 22, Swift’s company TAS Rights Management sued Evermore Park in return in her home state of Tennessee, contending that the attraction had long had its costumed performers singing hits by Swift and others without a license, despite demands made in the past by the performing rights organization BMI.

On the surface, the two lawsuits dealt with unrelated matters, although the TAS lawsuit tangentially made mention of the suit filed earlier by Evermore Park.

Deep into the Swift lawsuit, it’s asserted that her attorneys were contacted on Feb. 3 — the day after the Evermore Park suit was filed — by “a former Evermore Park volunteer and frequent patron of Evermore Park, advising of the unlicensed public performance of Artist’s music. Information was provided by this individual proving Defendants’ infringement of the copyrighted works.”

Given the immediate juxtaposition of those two dates, it would seem that Evermore may have had a Swiftie in its ranks who didn’t take kindly to the Utah attraction sending its legal dogs after the pop superstar and turned over evidence that the park was using her copyrighted material.

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