Teen wore her mum's 20-year-old wedding dress to prom to save money

Prom dresses can come with hefty price tags and although you want to look great, you’ll probably only want to wear the dress once.

One teenager had a smart idea to save money and wear something completely unique – her mum’s wedding dress.

Grace Jeyes, 18, decided not to buy a new dress and instead she chose the sentimental outfit, saving the money she would have spent for driving lessons.

The white dress with buttons down the front, petal sleeves and jagged hem that mum Dawn wore when she got married in 1998 was pretty unconventional back then and Grace had always loved it.

Grace, from Melton Mowbray, Leics, said: ‘I didn’t see the point in buying a new dress that I will only ever wear once so I had a look in my wardrobe and then mum’s.

‘I found her stunning wedding dress and I fell in love with it – it fitted perfectly, and I knew this is the one.’

Grace even kept it secret until the night before her prom as a surprise for her mum and dad David, 49.

Grace adds: ‘When she saw me in it, she was so happy.

‘The dress means so much to my parents which made it even more special for me.

‘My friends and teachers were all complimenting me on my dress as it was different from the rest but nobody believed it was once a wedding dress.’

Dawn, who is a business owner said: ‘Grace told me she already had a prom dress and didn’t want to shop for another one.

‘I assumed it was going to be one of her many dresses in her wardrobe, so when she came down in my wedding dress, I was so shocked.

‘I was extremely flattered and felt like I must have decent dress sense for her to wear it 20 years later.

‘She has always liked my wedding dress, but I didn’t think she would ever wear it out.

‘I am biased, but I thought she looked the best – she likes to be different from the rest.

‘Grace is very wise with money and thinks before she spends so rather than buying a new prom dress, we put the money towards driving lessons instead.’

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