Tesco baffles shoppers after displaying cleaning products as Mothers Day gifts

A Tesco store has been accused of "sexism" after including cleaning products in its Mother's Day gift display.

The day to show appreciation to your mum is just around the corner and it means most people like to pull out all the stops.

And by that we mean purchase yet another candle or some supermarket flowers.

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However, it appeared one Tesco store had another style of present in their minds for the mums of the UK this March 19.

In one location, the Mother's Day promotional signage read "for each and every mum."

But there was not a candle or a bunch of tulips in sight.

Instead, under the signage was an array of cleaning products on the shelves – including Fairy Liquid and Lenor fabric conditioner.

Nothing says 'I love you mum' like clean plates, cotton fresh linen and Clubcard points, right?

"I'm sure she'll be thrilled," one customer sarcastically wrote on Reddit with a photo of the questionable gift display attached.

Since being posted on the Casual UK subreddit, many people took to the comments to poke fun at the gaffe whereas some mums were raging at the thought of being given cleaning products for Mother's Day.

One mum warned: "If I get cleaning products for Mother’s Day, they better be ones that can remove blood stains."

Another user admitted: "I'm not sure I'd survive giving my mum cleaning products for Mother's Day."

While a third cackled: "During this cost of living I don’t think many mums would mind."

Someone blasted: "The sexism is horrible, has the person who made this display ever actually met a mother?"

Meanwhile, a fifth person jibed: "Someone in HR is about to have a very busy day…"

Daily Star reached out to Tesco for comment.

A spokesperson said: “This picture was taken during the crossover of the promotions aisle in a store. Our Time to Shine spring cleaning event was wrapping up and our Mother’s Day signage was being installed.

"The products shown are not part of our Mother’s Day range and we have a great selection of gifts every kind of Mum in your life including flowers, candles and sweet treats.”


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