Tesco’s ‘reverse supermarket’ lets you donate items to food banks and charities

The cost of living crisis means food banks will be hit hard this winter. 

With the cost of living crisis in full effect and a harsh winter looming, many of us are looking for ways to support those in need. Tesco is here to help us out, with an easy method of donating to food banks and frontline charities. 

The supermarket, along with its charity partners FareShare and the Trussell Trust, is launching a ‘reverse supermarket’, called The Give Back Express, to let customers buy items for food banks this weekend (25 November until the end of 28 November). 

How it works is simple. Give Back Express will open in London, on Poland Street in the West End, today. There will be a number of items that are in high demand at food banks, such as canned items, fresh food, teabags, toiletries and special pre-packed donation bags, and you’ll be able to pop them in your basket as usual. You’ll pay at the till, but then, rather than taking your shopping home with you, everything you’ve selected will be donated.

Tesco will match the value of donations purchased, so there’s double the do-good power. Plus, items won’t be too pricey, so if you have limited funds you can still get involved – many are just 40p, and even a tiny donation will help. 

You can choose essential food and hygiene items

If you don’t have time to stop in and do a full shop, that’s not a problem. The Give Back Express will also have a QR code outside the shop. Scan that and you can donate your Clubcard vouchers, which will then be converted to a monetary contribution to food banks.

Once the weekend pop-up is done, the Tesco Food Collection will launch in Tesco Express stores from 28 November, and in all Tesco shops nationwide from 1 December. Larger branches will also sell donation bags full of essential items at the till. 

The initiatives come as food banks brace for increased demand in a tough economic climate. The Trussell Trust says it experienced its busiest August and September on record, while FareShare reports delivering four meals a second across the country last winter. As a recession looms, bills rise and food prices increase, food banks will need our support more than ever. 

Of course, Tesco’s initiatives aren’t the only way to help out. You can donate money directly to FareShare’s cost of living crisis fund (with all donations matched) to supply meals for those facing hardship, pay towards the Trussell Trust’s emergency appeal, or find your closest food bank to hand over items directly.

Images: Tesco

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