The Cast Of The Witcher, Ranked By Net Worth

The Witcher is a popular new Netflix series based on the same-titled book and video game franchise. The complete two seasons of the series have been made available to fans on Netflix. It features an all-star cast, some of which are newcomers to the theatrical scene and others who have established themselves in previous blockbuster hits. This blog covers the cast of The Witcher, ranked by net worth. As you read what else they’ve done to generate money, you may be surprised by a few of their net worths.

10 Mimi Ndiweni ($200,000)

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Mimi began her career as an actress in 2012 and has acted in films such as The Legend of Tarzan and Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. In her current role, she portrays Fringilla, a sorceress whose ambition is to join the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. Her profession is just beginning, but we anticipate that her number of parts will increase when this show airs. As of this moment, her net worth is around $200,000, and she has just made her debut in the industry.

9 Freya Allan ($300,000)

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Since her 2017 debut, this actress had only appeared in short films and television programs; this is her most significant role to date. Freya Allan portrays Princess Ciri, who is destined to be a Witcher. This actress is of English descent and joined the National Film and Television School. Currently, Allan is worth $300,000, but we anticipate that this role will take her to the next level of fame.

8 Joey Batey ($300,000)

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In the series, Joey Batey portrays the infamous poet, minstrel, and bard Dandelion, who is a close friend of Geralt. He has previously starred in numerous television programs, including Knightfall, Mount Pleasant, and The White Queen. In pursuit of a film degree, he attended multiple universities, and with his presence in this program, he has finally made it big. His current net worth is $300,000, but we anticipate it to increase as he maintains his acting career.


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7 Jodhi May ($3 Million)

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In this series, Jodhi May portrays Queen Calanthe, Ciri’s grandmother and sole carer. This actress has appeared in numerous films, with The Last of the Mohicans, Sister My Sister, and The Gambler being her most well-known. This is the first recent effort that promises to return her to prominence. Since 2011, she has starred in smaller roles. We wouldn’t be surprised if her net worth increased as a result of her return to acting. She is currently worth approximately $3 million.

6 Wilson Radjou-Pujalte ($4 Million)

This actor portrays Dara, an elf whose fate gets entangled with that of Ciri. Wilson has starred in a number of other popular TV shows, including Hunter Street, Jamillah and Aladdin, and Dickensian. Wilson is descended from the English, but little else is known about him. He has a net worth of $4 million, and it is evident that his versatility is attracting attention. One wonders where his career will go as he matures with the times.

5 Anna Shaffer ($5 Million)

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In the series, this actress portrays another sorceress named Triss and has multiple roles in this mythical universe. She initially seeks Geralt’s assistance when a monster begins attacking her home. Shaffer has starred as Romilda Vane in three Harry Potter films, in addition to Fearless and Hollyoaks. She is another English actress, but her net worth is rather greater at $5 million. Shaffer has made an impressive start to her career, and we can’t wait to see how life takes her next.

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4 Lars Mikkelsen ($5 Million)

In the famous Netflix original series, Mikkelsen portrays Stregobor, a man who wants Geralt’s assistance in assassinating Princess Renfri. Since 1995, he has been an actor, with notable roles in Headhunter, Ride Upon the Storm, and House of Cards. Prior to his decision to enroll in acting school at the age of 27, he had been a street performer. Mikkelsen is engaged with two sons and currently has a net worth of $5 million as a result of his successful career.

3 Eamon Farren ($8 Million)

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Throughout his career, Eamon Farren has starred in several successful films, including Chained, Winchester, Red Dog, and Twin Peaks. He portrays Cahir, a soldier that leads an army against the queen in battle. As a result of all of these hits plus his graduation from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Farren has a net worth of $8 million. He was born in Australia, where he spent his days attending beach parties; now that he has so much money in his bank account, we wonder if he hosts his own.

2 Adam Levy ($10 Million)

Adam Levy portrays Mousesack, Ciri’s caretaker when her grandma is absent, in the series. This actor has appeared in a number of popular films and television series, including Before I Go to Sleep, Gladiator, Rome, and Inspector Lewis. Levy studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, but he currently resides in Los Angeles. He is currently worth $10 million, making him one of the show’s wealthiest actors.

1 Henry Cavill ($40 Million)

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Henry Cavill is the series’ protagonist. Fans recognize him as Geralt as well as Superman. His character is described as a witcher, and once he invokes a sacred law on Ciri’s mother, his fate becomes entangled with hers. Henry Cavill has starred in one of the most successful movies. Man of Steel, Immortals, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout all feature him as a leading actor. He was born in England and is the fourth of five brothers in his family. Cavill is the administrator of The Royal Marines Charity and a spokeswoman for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Even though he was previously engaged, he is now single and has a net worth of $40 million to spend on himself.

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