The Internet Can't Get Enough of Forky Declaring "I'm Trash!" in Toy Story 4, and Honestly? Same

The Internet Can’t Get Enough of Forky Declaring “I’m Trash!” in Toy Story 4, and Honestly? Same

Whether you’re currently suffering from Hollywood sequel fatigue or nah, the next installment in Disney Pixar’s Toy Story franchise — Toy Story 4 — is here. And hey, I can totally see why you might not want to snag tickets to see the new addition to Buzz and Woody’s universe. Maybe you don’t want to mess up your mascara with all the tears you’re bound to cry! Or maybe you’ve already got enough kickass sheep-herding feminist action heroes to worship! Regardless of your choice, let me be the first to tell you that you need to see the movie if only so you can hear the newest character, Forky, utter an iconic line: “I’m trash!”

Yes, the phrase that you text your friends when they ask why you double texted that dude on Tinder even though you absolutely know you shouldn’t have is also a surprisingly uplifting part of Forky’s story. The character, voiced by Veep‘s Tony Hale, goes through an existential crisis after Bonnie creates him at school, which in turn sets the stage for the rest of the film.

Ahead, see why the good people of Twitter and Tumblr can’t get enough of Forky, his relationship with Woody, and everything else about the googly-eyed Spork that has made him infinitely meme-able.

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