The New Moon in Scorpio Is Asking You to Get Real With Yourself

Are you ready to unearth some (s)ugar (h)oney (i)ced (t)ea? Get ready for the New Moon in Scorpio. As you might know, once a month, the Moon and the Sun join each other within the same zodiac sign, creating a New Moon and symbolizing a period of new beginnings and fresh starts.

On November 4, 2021 at 5:14 PM EST, the Moon and Sun be exactly conjunct at 12 degrees within the zodiac sign of Scorpio. This New Moon will force us to become real with ourselves—Scorpio is all about getting to the core of issues and understanding our authentic truths. As writer and astrologer Amber Jay put it, “this New Moon is a time where we must examine what we thought we wanted and decide if what we desire is still authentic to our current needs.” Even though Scorpio energy can feel really daunting, it is helping us actualize what is most in alignment with our growth.

Read your New Moon horoscope:


Open yourself to the possibility of letting people in. It looks like a meaningful project with a significant other is preparing to take off. Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal and show that you have what it takes to keep up? Be intentional in what you want and be clear on your intentions. Obstacles are in the way, but getting past them will lead to stardom.


As your work life picks up, make sure you aren’t ignoring your body. Slight headaches and minor aches are a possibility during this transit, however, they may not signify anything other than you needing to tend to yourself. Take some time to grab a book or connect with your body. Paying attention to your health and wellness is a great way to start the month!


Awakening into your sexuality is a wonderful way to spice up your life. Over the past few months, you have been encouraged to focus on expanding and reflecting. If you have done the work, good on you. Be sure to let the past go—holding onto past disappointment will hinder your ability to get your flirt on.


Your creative juices are overflowing, how lucky are you! Despite the heaviness of Scorpio’s energy, there’s a certain lighthearted vibe in the air that will guide you towards fun ventures. Try not to take yourself or your relationships too seriously. The solidarity that you are seeking is likely to appear after a few more lessons and your dream trip. Are you willing to pack up your bags and take a chance?


There are truths that you need to face about your home life. It’s easy to get comfortable within your space, especially when you have spent so much time tailoring it to your desires. Be clear about to how your domain makes you feel—is there something that needs to change? Little purchases for your spice cabinet or utensil drawer can make a big difference.


You’re the type to hold your words in, especially when you’re still working to understand exactly how to communicate so that you’re heard. This New Moon will leave you with a number of mundane interactions. Try not to push them aside or ignore difficulties within your close relationships. Things occasionally fall apart, but that’s a part of building a solid structure.


Are you clear on what you value, or are you going along with the motions? Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand how our daily lives influence our views on the world. If possible, take a break from your romantic relationships and enjoy a period of isolation. Alone time will help you gain clarity on your personal needs.


A New Moon in your zodiac sign at the beginning of November is a wonderful way to mark your birthday season! This New Moon is perfect for helping you manifest your dream wardrobe and curate the style necessary to be your full self. Be clear on who it is that you aspire to be—when you know what you want, the universe will be sure to give it to you. Yes, this includes attracting lovers, so be specific!


Oh goodness—the New Moon in Scorpio is truly going to help you uncover how your upbringing has kept you from expressing your true feelings. Sometimes, it can be difficult to recognize how your family and childhood influences your personality. This New Moon is going to give you a bit of an awakening, helping you understand the words you usually leave unspoken.


Open your outer circle a little bit. If you can step out of your comfort zone and visit a virtual happy hour or a small get-together, you’ll find an exciting new opportunity appear for you. Showing a willingness to reach for the stars will help you, especially if you’re brave enough to follow your intuition. Your values may feel moderately challenged, so try to be open to compromise.


Oh humble Aquarius, the sky is smiling within your career world. You may feel a little foggy regarding your desires and needs, but trust that if you’re willing to confront your hesitations, then you’ll be able to recognize how normal your fears are. Pushing past yourself is sometimes the first step to actualizing your desire.


This New Moon is the perfect time for you to kick back with a candle and a good book, Pisces. During this celestial transit, you’re supposed to spend time learning. Show a willingness to go against your instincts, especially if your intuition is challenging you to push beyond what feels “safe.” Uncomfortable information can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

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