The Situation Says Angelina's 'Life Is a F—ing Dumpster Fire' In Heated Jersey Shore Confrontation (Exclusive Video)

"You're mad at everybody for finding out you're cheating with everybody!" shouts a bewildered Mike after Angelina calls him out for stirring the pot.

Angelina Pivarnick confronts Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino for meddling in her marriage woes on Thursday’s new “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” … and, judging by this explosive footage, it might take more than one conversation to straighten things out.

Leading up to the latest hour, Pivarnick has gotten increasingly frustrated and angry with Mike, who she feels has not only been inserting himself into her marital issues with Chris Larangeira, but also making things worse for her with the rest of the show’s cast. First, Sitch spoke with her alleged side-piece and Chris, the latter claiming Angelina leaked the infamous wedding speech to the press. Instead of asking her about Larangeira’s claims, however, Mike instead relayed that intel to his costars — a move which prompted Jenni, Nicole and Deena to call out Pivarnick, hard, on social media.

She ironed out her drama with Deena and Snooki last week, before finally addressing things with Mike directly in this exclusive TooFab sneak peek.

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Angelina kicks things off by asking Mike what sparked his conversations with Chris and “Old Bridge,” her alleged side-piece.

“I didn’t call anyone. I don’t want you to get it wrong. Old Bridge and your husband became besties and started to explain stories and then both of them separately called me and then both kind of wanted me to expose you in some way,” he explained. “I was like, ‘Oh shoot, this is too messy.’ It was kind of gross. Exposing someone’s just not my brand right now.”

But Angelina wasn’t buying his hesitance to get involved — saying he literally was the one who said he could “start this party” when it came to exposing her, putting out their text receipts. She then slammed Mike for instantly believing Chris, before he “f—ing stirred the pot with everybody” — exclaiming, “It’s bulls—!”

“It’s very messy, I want nothing to do with it!” he then said, as Angelina shot back that it certainly seemed like he wanted in on the mess before it landed him in hot water. “How can you sit there and not take any accountability for it,” she vented in a confessional. “You literally said, ‘let’s get this party started.’ If I ever did that to Mike, I would literally not be sitting here right now. I’d be buried somewhere in someone’s backyard.”

Angelina Confronts Snooki & Deena for Slamming Her on Twitter for Allegedly Leaking Wedding Speech

When Angelina then asked Mike why he didn’t come to her first and ask him about Chris’ claims, he  shouted, “You were in Mexico with your other f—ing side piece!”

“Let’s be real, you had multiple side pieces that got mad at each other, side piece wars happened, they became besties with your husband and they all wanted to expose you,” he continued as she looked on, shocked. “And then you’re mad at everybody for finding out you’re cheating with everybody!”

The footage ends with them screaming at each other — with Angelina telling Mike to “kiss my ass” while he exclaimed, “You gotta be f—ing kidding me? Are you delusional? Your life is a f—ing dumpster fire!”

We’ll see how the rest of this goes when “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs at 8pm ET/PT on MTV.

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Meanwhile, the drama continues on “Buckhead Shore” and TooFab also has a sneak peek at Thursday’s all-new episode.

In this clip, Katie shows up to the bar with her hot new beau Tommy during a night out with the rest of her costars. As Chelsea exclaims when she sees them walk in, “he is fiiiiiiiiiine” — and Tommy’s appearance rubs Parker, Katie’s ex, the wrong way.

“It’s definitely not a good feeling seeing Katie with a new guy,” says Parker in a confessional, despite having moved on with Savannah. “You’re trying to one-up me,” he adds.

Savannah, however, also clocks his jealousy — and, in a confessional, says it’s “not fun” to experience.

“Buckhead Shore” airs immediately following “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” at 9pm ET/PT on MTV.

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