TikTok doctor says your nose is constantly having an erection

An NHS doctor and popular TikToker told viewers their noses are constantly having an "erection" and delved into the science behind it.

In a clip, surgeon Dr Karan Rajan says people have a "dominant" nostril but it is swapped around every couple of hours.

When you breathe out through your nose, you will probably feel the warm air coming out of one side rather than both at the same time.

Dr Karan shows a diagram of the "nose erection" and says: "Let me tell you about nose boners and why you get one all the time.

"At any given moment, you have one dominant nostril where most of the air goes in and out and less goes through the other one.

"Every few hours your autonomic nervous system switches up which is the dominant nostril.

"The opening and the closing of the nostrils is done by the swelling and deflating of the erectile tissue in your nose."

Pointing downwards, he adds: "Yep. Same stuff that goes on down there goes on up here."

The video was watched more than 900,000 times since it was uploaded on August 6 and people were dazzled by the strange medical fact.

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One user said: "I thought I just always had one blocked nose!"

"Not gonna lie I thought for 23 years I just had a bad nose because I only breathe through one or the other," said a second person.

Another viewer commented: "Sometimes I think the human body is just ridiculously overengineered."

Someone else said: "That is the most fascinating thing I've heard in a long time. Seriously I had no idea."

"Why can't they both do the same amount of breathing?" asked another viewer.

The nose will switch airflow between nostrils to help keep them moist because it has to humidify the air before it reaches the moist lungs.

And it's important for the lungs to stay moist because oxygen has to dissolve in the water in the lungs before it can be used by the body.

Erectile tissue is also found in the clitoris and ears but not in the nipples, which instead expand due to smooth muscle.

Dr Karan also has a YouTube channel and Instagram account.

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