‘Trashy’ couple slammed for staging fake marriage proposal to get free drinks

A couple has been branded "trashy" for faking a marriage proposal at a bar to get free drinks for the entire night.

The woman admitted she had only just met the guy at the pub in Texas, US, and came up with the idea of a fake proposal and he agreed to go along with the plan.

Video shared on a Reddit group r/uTrashy shows the man getting on his knee by the bar counter and pulling out a ring to his "girlfriend".

When she says "yes" and accepts the ring, people around them celebrate and congratulate them for the engagement.

A bartender can be seen offering free drinks to the couple.

The caption on the video explains: "So we met this random guy at Texas Live last night and planned a fake proposal with him."

It continues: "People we didn't know even got so hype about it and made it so fun.

"And we got free drinks for the rest of the night!"

The video sparked a debate as viewers discussed whether it was "trashy" or "smart" to grab their bargain by all means.

One commented: "Trashy? More like good job who likes to pay for over priced under poured drinks."

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Another agreed and said he pulled the same trick years ago, adding: "It’s a solid move and advise you all try it.

"In fact it worked so well a bunch of people from the place we were at came back to the place we were staying and we made long term friends with them."

But a viewer wrote: "So a $10/hour hustle where you have to look happy and mingle with strangers. What a scam."

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