Turned down for my 10-inch willy, I was a plumber – now Im an adult star

A former plumber turned porn star has revealed how he has been turned down for having a massive penis – but it's made him one of the world's most successful porn stars.

Andy Lee, star of the Channel 4 documentary My Massive C**k , has shared more details about how his 10.5-inch penis changed his life in an interview on Andrew Bucklow’s I’ve Got News For You podcast.

When asked about the most memorable reactions he has had to his appendage, the Irish man has detailed how some prospective partners have been put off by his size and told him to keep it away from them.

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He said: "I was with a new person for the first time ever and they put their hand down my trousers and were like f**k that's not going near me."

But he claims he has had stunned reactions ever since he was in school and his friends would tell him he was bigger than he should be while he was getting changed.

He added: "[I didn’t realise how big I was until I] was a teenager and my friends told me in the gym, we were in the school changing rooms.

"My friend said to me, ‘Jesus, you shouldn’t be that big.’ I never noticed because I have four brothers.

"All my brothers are pretty big or normal too. So that’s where it all started."

He also claims he has been staring at the beach and feeling guilty during sex as he's aware his size can be uncomfortable for them.

He has learned with the use of sex toys and certain positions how to make it an enjoyable experience for all involved.

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However, the adult star claims there have been more positives than negatives that have came with to the size of his genitalia as found a way to put his 10.5inch penis to good use.

The Irish bloke traded his plumbing career for making x-rated content on OnlyFans where he has since became one of the top creators.

Andy moved from Dublin to Australia in 2008 and then to London in 2010 when a chance encounter with a stranger at the gym changed his life and got him into the porn industry.


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