Twitter users and their ideas of shocking vacation nightmares

‘Hotel has bed bugs’: Thousands of people reveal four words that ‘ruin a vacation’ in a hilarious Twitter thread

  • Hundreds of social media users have weighed in on what is sure to ruin their vacation in an instant
  • While weather woes were obvious complaints; topical tweets like ‘Dominican Republic mini bar’ also went viral 
  • One user shared moment her ex-husband asked her for divorce while on vacation 
  • Jabs about Trump/Trump supporters and personal hygiene disasters also featured prominently  

Lost wallets, mosquitoes and hearing ‘I want a divorce’: A recent viral thread on Twitter revealed a lot about what constitutes people’s idea of a vacation nightmare. 

The conversation, which was started by users behind the social media game account @RideOrDieTags, asked people to describe their worst ever vacation using just four words. 

Their original tweet garnered many generic responses like ‘Boss keeps calling you’, ‘There is no WiFi’, ‘Everyone’s exes are invited’, ‘I lost my luggage’ and ‘Your flight is cancelled’. 

Viral: Twitter users weighed in with short tales of their worst vacation ever

Yikes: The thought of former flames showing up was often mentioned as a vacation nightmare

Obvious: Several people referenced lost luggage as the top vacation gripe

However, hilarious and zany responses such as ‘Trump shares your jacuzzi’, ‘I’m pregnant. Not yours’ and ‘Uncle John escaped prison’ garnered much more traction. 

Digs like ‘Heading to Fyre Festival’ also did the rounds, referencing the major chaos that ensued from the infamous fraudulent luxury festival organized in 2017. 

One user, Rachel Johnson, even weighed in with her own staggering memory: ‘I want a divorce’.

The Nebraska-based hospital chaplain shared that she was ‘on the receiving end of that one’ from her then-husband, but has lost 100 lbs since their split and is infinitely happier now.    

Unsurprisingly, politics featured heavily with tweets saying nothing would ruin a relaxing vacation quicker than, ‘Trump supporters are invited’ or ‘AOC is our bartender’ (referring to Democratic politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).  

Several individuals made bad-taste jokes about the recent spate of tourists dying under suspicious circumstances after drinking items from hotel mini bars in the Dominican Republic.

Meanwhile, some users misunderstood the point altogether, sending status updates with three, five – and in some cases eighteen and thirty six -word disasters, prompting eye rolls among other tweeters. 

One couple, identified as Robert S. from America, shared a photo of a sunburned couple, virtually sizzled to a crisp. 

Other personal hygiene and medical maladies like diarrhea, menstruation, broken bones and food poisoning.

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Real life nightmare: People made a joke out of the festival disaster that made global headlines

Ruined: Having your husband ask for a divorce mid-vacation was one of the most interacted with on the thread  

Controversial: When asked what would ruin a vacation, some users turned the mystery of deaths in the Dominican Republic into a punchline 

Forgot the factor: A user circulated this photo of a couple with lobster-like burns in the viral vacation nightmares thread

Ouch: Many users cited that sunburn would instantly ruin their vacation 

D’oh: Twitter users cited complaints like ‘there is no WiFi’ and’I forgot my charger’ would compromise their vacation time

Living nightmare: Users made references to pop culture moments like staying at the fictional Bates Motel from the hit horror drama

Hotel horror: A user shared a nightmare-inducing image of a room infested by bed bugs

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