Uber reveals the most random items left behind on trips in the last year

Whatever you’ve left in a cab over the years, it’s probably less weird than a set of dentures or a cat cage.

Uber has unveiled its annual Lost & Found Index, revealing some of the most weird and wonderful items that have been reported missing by passengers across the UK over the past year.

Among the items forgotten by passengers this year were false teeth, an electric scooter, a violin, retainers in a piece of tissue, a cat cage, a black metal candelabra and even a small wardrobe.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile phones were the most forgotten possession on trips taken using the Uber app in the UK this past year, with wallets, bags, keys and clothing making up the top five.

London was the UK’s most forgetful city, with thousands of items left behind.

Plus, Saturday and Friday were the top days for items to be reported as forgotten, with 11am (somewhat surprisingly) the time most Brits are likely to leave the vehicle without their possessions.

Check out the full list of the strangest items, as well as the most common items left behind in Ubers.

Perhaps next time you ride you’ll double-check you haven’t left any Le Creuset in the car.

The 20 most unique items left in Ubers in the last year

The top 10 items most commonly left in the UK

If you do lose an item in an Uber, head to ‘your trips’ in the app, click on the trip and tap ‘find lost item’. This will allow you to contact your driver and try to retrieve your stuff.

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