UKs biggest family The Radfords wow with huge breakfast including 4kg of beans

The UK’s biggest family have shocked Channel 5 viewers by revealing their enormous weekend fry-up routine.

The Radfords, headed by parents Noel and Sue, have had 22 children, with 19 still living at home.

Over Christmas, it was revealed that the couple spent £7,000 on presents and used 70 wrapping paper rolls.

Now, viewers have been left amazed after a new Channel 5 documentary covering the family, ‘22 Kids and Counting’, broadcast the family’s enormous weekend breakfasts.

Dad Noel explained that as a “weekend treat”, the family will often have a classic full-English fry-up, and viewers quickly saw that this was no small feat.

“We’ve got three packets of bacon, 48 sausages,” Noel said, rifling through the stacked fridge.

“Couple of dozen eggs, three tubs of mushrooms, we’ve got beans…

“Always a slow job is this breakfast for everyone, seems to take forever.”

Viewers were then told that the weekend tradition can cost more than £50 – and usually requires four kilograms of beans and tomatoes, as well as two loaves of bread and eight litres of juice.

But despite the effort and time that goes into making the mouth-watering meals, the parents explained that the enjoyed having it as part of their routine.

“What we enjoy most about a big family is just being surrounded by the kids all the time; fun, laughter, happiness,” said Noel.

Sue agreed, adding: “Watching the kids together and the relationships and bonds that they have as well, it’s just so lovely to watch.”

However, some viewers pointed out that, with only a couple of the children remaining to help tidy up after eating, some of the teenagers could have done more.

“Could the older kids help out cooking so that they get the food done quicker?” asked one Twitter user.

But, others were less fussed about the logistics.

“Wow #22kidsandcounting? Enough for a football match, TV idea for you Channel 5,” joked another.

And, despite speculation that the Radford family might continue to grow, the episode saw the parents informing their children that they did not plan on having a 23rd baby.

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