‘Where I used to plaster makeup on, I now strip it back’: Lydia Bright talks beauty as a mum

We’re all quite aware that we’re in the midst of a cost of living crisis. This means most of us are trying to cut back on our spending wherever possible – but have you considered looking at your beauty regime?

Interesting new research by Avon says the average UK woman spends £1,365 every year on beauty products, yet 75% of products go unused. Despite money being tight, 80% of women don’t want to give up any of their treasured cosmetics products, despite 61% being happy to swap to cheaper alternatives.

Because of this, Avon has teamed up with Lydia Bright, mum to two-year-old daughter Loretta Rose, to nab some of the former TOWIE star’s top time and money saving beauty tips. We spoke to Lydia, 31, in an exclusive OK! chat to find out about her own beauty spending habits and her top makeup tips for making products go further…

Hi Lydia! It’s an interesting campaign, why is it so important to you?

I've worked with Avon quite a bit this year and I really believe in their products. I think with the cost of living crisis at the moment, with so many people struggling, it just seems like a great campaign because we're all trying to be a little bit more conscious at the moment. We're saving money, but beauty is so much more than just looking good. Beauty, for me, is good for my mental health.

The campaign proves we can still be engulfed in our beauty, in our self care, in feeling good on the inside and the outside, but we can still do it cost effectively with simple changes to switch and save.

Now you're in your 30s, do you feel less like you have to buy tons of new products that might not suit you?

I do still keep up with beauty and fashion trends. I’m following some of them at the moment, like that brow lamination “brushed up brow” look. But yeah, definitely. I think when you become older, you become a lot more comfortable in your own skin and you don't feel like you have to conform to what everyone else is doing.

Do you ever look back on trends that you’ve tried in the past and think, “Oh my God, no. Why would I do that?”

Oh yes. I'm in my early 30s now but when I was in school I put concealer on my lips. Did you do that? Maybe it was just my school. I hate it when I see pictures now – what was I thinking? Not only did it really dry out your lips, it also made you look washed out.

Do you have the same time to give to beauty now that you have a two year old?

No [laughs]. Definitely not. Even if I didn't have Loretta, I wouldn’t want to spend so much time getting ready. I used to wear just such heavy makeup on TOWIE, and I think it was just a trend back then to wear a much thicker foundation and loads of layers, and eyelashes! I just think now that’s so dated. When I was a teenager, or when I was in my early 20s, I always wanted to look older. But now I'm in my 30s, I was to look younger, so I definitely don't wear makeup as I used to. I wouldn't have the time to do it.

Give us your quick tips for getting ready as a busy mum…

I definitely say use products with multi-uses, and just keep it simple. For me, I'll do some moisturiser, a bit of bronzer and a little bit of highlighter. I'll use my bronzer as well to do my eyeshadow. I just try not to over complicate things. Find an easy routine that works for you. I do the same look for everything: I don't really have a day or night look either anymore. My day and my life are the same.

Lydia’s top money and time saving beauty tips

1. Make your lipsticks go further

Your lipstick can double up as like an eyeshadow or a blusher. It's really popular at the moment, isn't it, to have dewy, rosy cheeks. And I normally do that with a cream blush stick. But you can also use your lipstick and double it up on your cheeks to give you a little flush of colour. You can also use that on your eyes.

2. Use unwanted foundations as skin tints

When I used to wear heavier foundations back in the day, I used to wear MAC Studio Fix – I’ve still got so many bottles of it. You can save money by using foundation that you already have and mixing them with your moisturiser to give you a more sheer tint.

3. Pick one skincare product with lots of benefits

I have to mention Avon’s Anew Renewal Power Serum as well because, for £22 [shop it here], it does multiple amazing things for your skin.


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