Why Kathryn’s Dad Will Be The Real Winner If She Takes Home The ‘Big Brother’ Prize

In her official interview with CBS, Big Brother contestant Kathryn Dunn said she works in digital marketing but didn’t go into too much detail regarding her personal life. Instead, she spent most of the interview discussing her strategy to win the game (which is to lay low and keep the target off of her back). But upon a quick Google search, though, it’s pretty apparent that she has worn many hats throughout her career.

She did tell her interviewer that she’s social media obsessed and even used the term "aspiring influencer" which makes sense, considering she runs a fashion and lifestyle blog that doubles as her professional website. Under its "Meet Kathryn Dunn" tab, you can read about her professional career at length, which includes her multiple impressive rankings in the pageant world, her time as a dancer for the Dallas Mavericks, and finally, her growing career in broadcast television and the digital space.

She competed in both Miss USA and Miss America pageant systems throughout her time at Baylor University and earned the titles of Miss Frisco, Miss Plano, Miss Fort Worth, and Miss Dallas County, making her one of three Texas women to hold a top five placement in both pageant systems, per her website. In 2017, she also placed as the first runner up to Miss Colorado.

Her pageantry easily translated to her career in dance when she joined the Mavericks. She stayed there for three seasons before deciding to make the switch to event host and broadcaster – she preferred interacting with the crowd over performing for it. So, she dove head-first into a career with local sports broadcasters, interviewed players, and covered multiple Texas sports teams including the Dallas Cowboys and FC Dallas soccer.

According to her website, she eventually transitioned away from the sports entertainment realm and took a field reporter position with the Today With Kandace Show, a local daily talk show on which she covered home, health, beauty, and leisure. It’s unclear if she still works on the show, although it is the latest addition to her website’s resume.

As expected, both her Instagram and Twitter pages are set to private for the filming of Big Brother, but her Instagram bio deems her a "semi-professional Instagrammer" at Social Revolt, a digital marketing agency, which validates her interview claim.

She told CBS that her main motivator for winning Big Brother is the potential ability to repay her father for her college tuition. But it’s hard to ignore the possibility that she’s at least somewhat motivated by the social media traffic she could gain from becoming a reality star. She said she hopes America will love her, but in the end, it doesn’t matter, because "the funny thing about America is, whether they love you or hate you, they’re still gonna follow you on social media."

Despite how cut-throat that sounds, Dunn stressed that she doesn’t want to be a bully or condone bullying on the show. She said there’s a difference between strategizing and being spiteful out of hate, but she understands that, regardless, "there’s gonna be stabbing each other in the back." She said her mom wants her to win the nice way, but it looks like she may have other plans.

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