Woman gets partners face tattooed on cheek – after being cheated on

A woman got her partner's face tattooed on her cheek – even though she claims they were unfaithful to her.

Narally Najm posted a video to show off her new tattoo, which includes a portrait and the name "Laura" by her eyebrow.

She wrote in the caption: "When everyone's jealous of me because I have daddy's face tattooed on me even though daddy cheats. Daddy will be back."

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The TikToker alleges she caught her partner cheating.

They briefly split after she gave birth to her son, King, but this didn't stop her from proudly flaunting her 'Laura' inking.

Narally believes the viewers criticising her tattoo are just jealous.

But viewers said differently, with one saying: "No, we ain't jealous. We are concerned."

"I really thought she was joking about getting her face tattooed of Laura," a second wrote.

A third added: "I think I can speak for everyone here, when I say no one, and I mean NO ONE is jealous."

Laura, who shares a YouTube channel with Narally, spoke about the tattoos in a video.

"I don't know what's going on with her, I promise you, she was doing perfectly fine," she said from inside a bathroom.

"After she gave birth and found out what happened between me and her, okay she caught me cheating and I told her it won't happen again, and she don't want to be with me.

"But why does she keeping all these tattoos, like three tattoos of my face is crazy, two tattoos of my name is crazy."

She also claimed that Narally has a tattoo of her face inked near her private parts.

Some fans suggested the pair should prioritise their newborn child.

And others pondered if Narally was getting inked to heal from the heartbreak of infidelity.


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