Woman SLAMS mother-in-law who keeps asking about her sex life

Woman who’s due to give birth reveals she’s ‘creeped out’ by her mother-in-law asking if she’s had sex recently – but commenters claim she’s just trying to help by suggesting a trick to induce labour

  • Anonymous woman, from the UK, took to Mumsnet and explained she’s pregnant
  • Revealed mother-in-law keeps asking questions about sex life with her husband
  • Many admitted they were ‘horrified’ to hear about the intimate questioning

A heavily pregnant woman has told how she’s ‘creeped out’ by her mother-in-law who keeps asking deeply personal questions about her sex life.

The anonymous woman, from the UK, who is due to give birth soon, took to Mumsnet to explain how her husband’s mother has asked three times in the last week whether the pair have had sex.  

Many were quick to take to the comments section, but while some agreed they would be equally ‘horrified,’ others suggested she may just be trying to help by suggesting a trick to kickstart labour. 

”I am horrified. That is not appropriate.. I’d say to her that it makes me very uncomfortable and not to ask again. If she did, I’d have serious words,’ wrote one, while a second penned: ‘Eeeew. Way over the line. MIL’s too intrusive.’ 

An anonymous woman, from the UK, has taken to Mumsnet and told how she is ‘creeped out’ by her mother-in-law, who keeps asking if her and her husband (her son) have had sex. Pictured, stock image

The heavily pregnant woman said it creeps me out being asked that and makes sex the last thing she wants to do (pictured)

A third added: ‘Nothing whatsoever to do with her. I would never dream of asking my children or their partners when they last had sex.’

In the initial post, the woman explained: ‘Now personally it creeps me out being asked that and makes sex the last thing I want to do and husband has told her it’s weird her asking to which she just laughed and said “you’re my son.”

She has asked again today and it is just weirding me out. She never asked with any of our other children.’

Many were keen to offer the woman a few words of wisdom – including directly telling the mother-in-law to stop, or turning the question back on her so she’s the one made to feel uncomfortable. 

‘Just say “Stop. Stop talking and never ever ask me that again.” your DH should do the same…,’ suggested one, while a second advised: ‘Have you asked her why she wants to know? By way of challenging her, not saying she can justify it.’  

One person has told how they are ‘horrified’ by the revelation – adding that it is ‘not appropriate’ (pictured)

A third commented: ‘Next time she asks, put it back on her and ask her the last time she had sex,’ while a further added: ‘Agreed. You need to ask her the last time they’ve had sex and/or if she has any tips. It’ll soon stop.  

And when one suggested the pregnant woman should ignore the mother-in-law’s phone calls, she replied: ‘She’s getting me on messages. Hubby got it on the phone and he told her it was wholly inappropriate. Clearly the message wasn’t received in her head that we don’t like it.’ 

But others suggested there may be a deeper reason behind the continuous questioning – with some suggesting it could be linked to the idea that sex is thought to help kickstart labour. 

‘Is she asking as it’s supposed to bring on labour? You or your DH needs to tell her she’s being very inappropriate and to mind her own b***y business!’ wrote one, while another agreed: 

‘Even if your MIL thinks it will bring on labour it’s still highly inappropriate . The fact she’s saying she’s asking “because you’re my son” makes it worse.’

Another questioned whether the mother-in-law was asking because sex is thought to bring on labour (pictured)

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