Woman who was told she was infertile has IVF baby by herself

Woman, 27, who ‘didn’t have time to wait for the perfect man’ after being warned she had a very low egg count becomes a single mother thanks to £8,000 IVF with donor sperm

  • Becky Bell, 27, from Queensland, had her son Noah, born in November, via IVF
  • She was told she was likely infertile due to endometriosis and low egg count
  • Decided to spent £8,000 on IVF journey after splitting from partner in July 2020
  • Noah, born on November 24 weighing 7lb, raised by Becky and her mother’s help

A woman told she was likely infertile embarked on solo IVF at the age of 27 and had a miracle baby boy – after breaking up with her boyfriend and deciding to do it alone. 

Becky Bell, from Queensland, 27, had her son Noah, born on November 24 weighing 7lbs, by herself after embarking on an IVF journey costing her £8,000.

The single mother had her egg count checked after splitting from her former partner in July 2020, and was told she only had a small reserve of eggs left.   

Combined with an endometriosis diagnosis she received aged 16, it meant the shop assistant’s chances of getting pregnant were extremely low, and she realised she ‘didn’t have time to wait for the perfect man’ to start a family with.  

Becky chose to use a donor sperm in an effort to fall pregnant and with the support of her mother Jane, 60, she ‘couldn’t be happier’ with her choice to be a single parent. 

Becky Bell, from Queensland, 27, had her son Noah, born on November 24 weighing 7lbs, pictured, by herself after embarking on an IVF journey costing her £8,000

Becky was told her chances to conceive were extremely low and did not want to wait to find the perfect partner to try for a baby. Pictured: Noah

Opening up about her story, the single mother said: ‘It was a big thing seeing him for the first time.

‘The nose is definitely the donor’s, but he’s got my frown. He’s the cutest little baby.

‘I’d just come out of a relationship so I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet someone new and go through trying for a baby that quickly.

‘So, I decided to do it myself and do it alone. I’ve always wanted to be a mother. He’s such a content and good baby.’ 

Becky, pictured during her pregnancy, suffers from endometriosis, which makes it harder for some women to conceive. Combined with her low egg count, she thought she was infertile 

After splitting with her partner in July 2020 Becky went to have tests done to check her fertility and egg reserve.

But results showed that she had a ‘really low egg count’ and she was advised she needed to try for a baby in the next few years.

Becky was diagnosed with endometriosis when she was 16, a painful condition where tissue that resembles the uterine wall grows outside of the uterus. 

The condition makes it harder for women who suffer from it to conceive, and combined her low egg count, it meant Becky had little time to try for a baby.   

In August 2020, just a month after her test, she decided to go ahead with IVF with a sperm donor to give her the best chance of being a mother.

The beaming single mother, pictured with her son,  said she doesn’t regret going through IVF by herself 

Becky said Nah is a ‘content’ baby and that he looks like her, apart from his nose, which he takes from his sperm donor

‘I was really shocked at the news, but I knew I needed to then try for a baby now,’ she said.

‘I didn’t have time to wait for my perfect man.’

Becky selected a donor from their profiles and had her families help to narrow them down.

‘I chose someone who looked like me,’ she said.

‘But the decider was the donor’s reason to do it because he had a friend who also had endometriosis like me.’

In March 2021 Becky had her egg transfer.

‘It was such a nervous wait,’ she said.

What is endometriosis? How the disorder results in pelvic pain and internal scarring

Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus – the endometrium – grows outside the uterus.

It most commonly affects the ovaries, Fallopian tubes and the tissue lining the pelvis.

The primary symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain although many women also experience cramping during their menstrual cycle.

Symptoms also include painful periods, pain with intercourse, pain with bowel movements or urination, inflammation, excessive bleeding and infertility. 

Often misdiagnosed, many women only discover they have the condition during infertility treatment.

Approximately half of women diagnosed with endometriosis have difficulty getting pregnant.

While studies about the link between endometriosis and miscarriages are still ongoing, newer research suggests that the condition can leave sufferers at greater risk of having a miscarriage. 

Source: Mayo Clinic 

‘My friends convinced me to do a test four days after and there was a very faint line, so I kept doing two tests a day from then on.

‘But it took ages to actually sink in.’

But when Becky’s bump started to grow it, all became very surreal.

‘It was crazy being pregnant,’ Becky said, adding: ‘I loved feeling him move.

‘I felt nervous to be a new mother but not a single mother.

‘I just want to be the best mother possible for him.’

Becky’s waters broke on the 23rd November and she started to get contractions.

She went to Gold Coast University Hospital, and had to be induced when her little boy’s heart rate started dropping.

Becky, who gave birth to Noah, pictured, with her mother Jane, 60, by her side, said she relies on her family to help raise the baby

After over 31 hours in labour, her baby, who she named Noah, was born on 24th November at 8.02am weighing 7lbs with her mother, Jane, 60, and friend Alicia, 30, at her side.

‘They had to suction him out and his cord was wrapped around him,’ Becky said.

‘They put him on me but he still wasn’t crying. Then they pulled him off me and he started crying which was a relief.

‘I was nervous to see him but he was such a handsome baby.’

Becky came home with Noah the next day and said her mother stayed with her to help out.  

‘It feels so natural being a mother,’ Becky said. ‘I keep looking at him and thinking “how are you mine?”

‘I don’t regret doing this alone at all. He’s the best.’

The single mother said she wants to be the best parent possible for Noah, pictured, and added being  mother feels natural to her 

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