Womans neighbour demands she do their food shop because she gets benefits

It can be a handy thing if you’re on good terms with your neighbours as they’ll take your parcels in, chat over the fence and maybe even do some shopping for you when you’re in need.

But, most Brits aren’t too close with their neighbours and simply exchange a nod and hello every so often which, in the case of one woman, would be preferable, reports the Mirror.

The anonymous lady, who posted her story on Reddit, has revealed that her neighbours demand she hands over more than 20 grocery items at a time from her cupboards and they even want her to do most of their shopping.

The American woman explained that her new neighbours moved in a month ago and started asking her for things after they forgot to do their food shop in time for Thanksgiving.

She wrote: “I live in a rental that also has another rental house on the same property. I am a single mum who works a full-time job.

“My new neighbour has been constantly pestering me for different groceries. Her husband makes $60,000 a year according to her, whereas I make around $18,000. She is home all day and gets the mail for both houses.

“Right before Thanksgiving, I went to the grocery store and had to go to several because most of the stores were out of things.

“She waited until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to do her shopping. They were out of a lot of things.

“She sent me a long text with about 20-30 things she ‘needed’. I told her I didn't have most of the items but had a few. She begged for the few that I had.”

The woman handed over the goods, including peanut butter and beans, but the neighbour never offered to pay her back.

Some weeks later they sent the woman another shopping list with a huge 80 items on it.

She told her neighbour she couldn’t buy the shopping for both households but was gobsmacked when they accused her of hoarding money and revealed they’d seen her benefits letters.

The mum added: “I ran errands on Sunday, and she sent me a text with about 80 items she wanted me to shop for.

“I told her I didn't have the extra money, and I didn't have the time to shop for two households.

“She got really upset and told me it wouldn’t take that much longer to pick up her items. I told her I wasn't able to.

“I told her that I have to stretch my food dollars and cannot afford to keep giving them groceries.

“She replied that I was getting SNAP, and she knows this because she ‘accidentally’ opens my mail constantly. I told her I don't get very much, and I just qualified on Friday, and I had to buy baby food for my son.

“She told me I was being an a**hole because they don't qualify for any help and the least that I can do is help them when they need help.”

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SNAP is a low-income food assistance programme in the US which helps struggling families to buy food.

And, Reddit users were appalled by the neighbour’s behaviour – and pointed out that opening someone else’s mail is a federal offence.

One person wrote: “Stop shopping for her and giving her food immediately and send her a bill for all of what you've spent so far on her items. If you don't get it from her, give it to her husband so he can pay.”

While another said: “This is outrageous behaviour!”

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