Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for July

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Welcome to July, Aries darling! After last month’s retrogrades and eclipses, July will feel like a breath of fresh, salty beach air. We love to see it! First up, a New Moon in Cancer blankets the sky on July 9. On this date, the Sun and Moon (collectively referred to as the “luminaries”) are connecting in Cancer, the sensitive water sign that lights up the area of your chart associated with domesticity. During this lunation, consider the ways your role within your family structure has changed. Are you taking on more responsibilities? Are you bringing secrets into the light? Are you taking a backseat to another relative? Take note of these developments, Aries darling: The Moon may be facilitating some cataclysmic change!

But there’s more to this month than complicated interpersonal dynamics. It’s summer, and you’re ready to have some fun! On July 22, the Sun cruises into Leo—a like-minded fire sign that really knows how to shine. Whether you’re spearheading a pool party, delivering an unforgettable toast, or flaunting your edgy new haircut via a thirst trap selfie, solar motion through Leo will ensure that you’re truly basking in the spotlight. Don’t be afraid to take up space, Aries darling! Extra attention looks good on you!

Then, the very next day, the Full Moon in Aquarius electrifies the sky on July 23. Take note of this lunation, Aries! There will be a second Full Moon in Aquarius next month (two Full Moons in the same zodiac sign are referred to as “Blue Moons”), so expect a double dose of drama. In astrology, the Sun symbolizes our ego and outward expression, while the sensitive Moon governs our emotional inner world. During this Full Moon in Aquarius, the celestial bodies will encourage you to fuse expression with passion, activism with art, and community with creativity. What feeds your soul, Aries darling? You’re a visionary, so make sure your work is aligned with your soul…not others’ opinions. You already know you can’t please everyone, and by the time this Full Moon is over, you’ll embrace the fact that you don’t need to anyway.

Finally, the month concludes with Jupiter backpedaling into Aquarius on July 28. After a short journey through Pisces’ sky, Jupiter is back in this intellectual air sign, reigniting your passion for justice. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius until the end of the year (it will return to Pisces’ domain on December 28), so don’t be afraid to broaden your horizon in a pretty cataclysmic way. Whether you’ve been planning on joining a nonprofit organization, joining a union, or simply cultivating bonds with people who share your ethics, Jupiter is ready to help you change the world!

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